Testing help wanted on Mozilla Reps!

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While we support many Mozilla projects on the Web QA team, I'd like to highlight one that I've been working on for the last couple releases now: Mozilla Reps.

We'll do a testday on it soon, I just wanted to encourage anyone interested to start looking at it now :-)

How can you help? Like all Mozilla projects, there's always a list of fixed bugs/features to verify, as well as a good amount of exploratory testing. For examples of the kinds of things we'd test for, check out a couple blog posts by yours truly: part 1, part 2.

What makes testing this particular site a bit unique is that Mozilla Reps is made up by a community committee, so most of the functionality depends on being a bonafide member; for testing purposes, we can bypass the usual application form, by making you a "vetted 'Reps' member" (though, of course, we encourage you to apply for real!)

Your best steps to begin, are to visit the team in #remo-dev on irc.mozilla.org, and letting anyone in the channel know that you're interested in helping test!

Here are some more general resources to help get you familiar:

* Mozilla Reps wiki page, for general information/an overview
* Mozilla Reps "Website" page, for specific website-release information
* a list of open bugs, so you don't file duplicates
* all Resolved FIXED bugs needing verification

Eventually--I'm told--the plan is to incorporate elements (or the site wholesale) into Mozillians (https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mozillians), so look for that in the coming future!

And, lastly, a link back to the Web QA homepage, in case you have any further questions, about this or any web-testing project(s) @ Mozilla!

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