Mozilla WebQA, blessed with awesome contributors like Sergey Tupchiy

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(Title get your attention? Good! Keep reading...)

My awesome coworker Matt Brandt has highlighted the awesome work and contributions that Rajeev Bharshetty is doing for and with, Mozilla WebQA.

I'd like to take this opportunity to call out another great contributor to (and with) WebQA: Sergey Tupchiy, who we nominated for Friend of the Tree (along with Rajeev) in this past Monday's meeting.


Sergey has been instrumental: he helped us turn around a Q4 goal of having test templates custom-tailored for brand-new Engagement/Marketing websites (and which, quite frankly, has application and implications for our standard test templates, going forward.

His flurry of awesome GitHub activity should be self-evident :-)

In 2012, and kicking it off this quarter, Mozilla WebQA (and the rest of Mozilla QA) will be taking a hard look at, and hopefully making many inroads into, a better community on-boarding story; we're blessed to have the great contributors we already do, but need to grow and scale to meet Mozilla's ever-increasing challenges.

We're looking for contributors of all expertise areas, skill levels, and project interest; if interested, or just want to find out more information, please contact us via whichever below method best works for you, and we'll happily help you get started!

IRC: #mozwebqa on
QMO homepage:
Team Wiki:

(And a huge thanks, again, to Sergey, and other awesome contributors like Rajeev!)

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