Help us test the exciting changes coming soon to the Firefox Support forums!

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Building off the momentum from the SUMO 2.1 release, which converted the old Tiki-Wiki-based Contributors/Off Topic/Knowledge Base forums to Python (code-named Kitsune), we’re redesigning (and reimplementing from scratch) the more prominent and feature-rich Firefox Support forums.

It's starting to take its shape in our 2.2 milestone.

As is always the case with Mozilla projects, we value and need your input and help in reporting issues/feedback along the way; how can you contribute?

Simple: take a look at the mockups (and their discussion) in bug 556287 and bug 556285, and start testing on, taking note of the open bugs for unimplemented feature work and known issues.

As you can see from the above mockup, we're introducing more crowd-sourcing, placing solutions more up-front and marking them better, and just cleaning things up and optimizing both the question-asking and answering workflows. A lot remains to be finished, however the SUMO team is working as quickly as they can to wrap up a ton of features in the coming couple weeks.

I'm excited to see what they can do with your help! Although our previous 2.1 release took a little time getting out of the gate, it's a solid release, and we're still keeping largely on track with the development timeline.

If you're looking for testing tips, drop by our Mozilla Web QA channel, on, at #mozwebqa, or, if you already know what you're doing, please file bugs in the SUMO product, Forum component.

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