November 20, 2009

Help us test search on SUMO (

We're in the process of switching to a new (and improved) Sphinx-based search engine on SUMO (, and would *love* your help ensuring it meets your needs.

There are a number of ways you can help:

* ad-hoc test search, here: for now, but probably by the time you read this, we'll have merged back into trunk:
* Test/verify Resolved FIXED 1.5 Search bugs
* convert |in-litmus?| and/or |in-testsuite?| flagged bugs into testcases (manual and automated via Selenium, respectively)

(New to Litmus and/or Selenium? No problem! The team contact info is up at our Web Testing homepage; if you're familiar with IRC, it's best to reach us at #sumodev on

To familiarize yourself with what's already been found, here's our open 1.5 buglist.

Short list of things to play around with:

* proper nouns, e.g. "Facebook"
* common phrases, "Firefox crashes" (I'm talking to *you* 3.5!)
* word stems, i.e. "fail" in "failing"
* named articles, with/without quotes: "Cannot clear location bar history"
* misspellings (which tests the "Did you mean" feature)
* URLs in Forum posts and KB articles
* ensure that the results returned include Forum and KB (Knowledge Base) URLs, when appropriate (if it includes both, KB first, followed by Forum results)

In particular, we could use help with native-language searches other than en-US (though, to be sure, we could use help there too).

* Tildes
* Umlauts
* Kanji
* Aramaic


Please file bugs here:

The goal is to code freeze the 24th of November and ship December 3rd.


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