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We now have |in-litmus| flags for bugs needing testcases in both the SUMO (support.mozilla.com) and AMO (addons.mozilla.org) projects; flag away!

To use: simply flag as |in-litmus?| if you're unsure whether a test exists; we'll triage and either add a comment (preferably with a Litmus testcase ID #), and/or flag it as + or -, depending on whether a test exists or is not needed, respectively.

(Sprinkle liberally!)

Since I test Mozilla.com What's New and First Run pages, I thought it'd be useful to write down when which appears when.

I've put it up at our web testing wiki, and here it is, below:

* Freshly installed Firefox, you get:
o First Run (left tab focused/active)
o Firefox start page on Google.com (right tab)
* 3.0.x -> 3.5.x, you get:
o First Run (left tab)
o What's New (right tab focused/active)
* 3.0.x-1 (next-to-latest version) -> 3.0.x (latest version)
o Firefox start page on Google.com (left tab)
o What's New page (right focused/active)

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