September 17, 2009

Help us test the next version of AMO search!

Mozilla web developer Dave Dash has put out a call for help testing AMO's move to a Sphinx-based backend; I second that call, and encourage you to let us know of any new issues not already tracked in bug 498999's dependency tree.

New to testing search? Here's an incomplete list of things to try:

* substrings ("fire" from "firefox")
* named add-ons without quotes (Adblock Plus)
* named add-ons *with* quotes ("Adblock Plus")
* leading/trailing whitespace (" Adblock Plus ")
* broken-up strings ("stumble upon") -- bug 517344
* using SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Mobile (Fennec)? Help us test those applications' search support too
* localization
* categories
* collections
* sandboxed add-ons
* advanced search options, such as:
** versions
** types
** platforms
** last-updated dates
** sorting views

The preview server, apt-named, is:

Thanks in advance for helping ensure our next version of AMO has a great search experience!

Posted by stephend at September 17, 2009 11:18 PM
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