How I break down a website for testing, part 2

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In my last blog post, I covered only a few of the page elements at the top of the Mozilla Creative Collective site; here, I'll finish up that page.

Header navigation:

* Does it use JavaScript to replace the image on hover, or CSS?
** If JavaScript, try disabling it, and see what happens
* Ensure that links go to their intended destinations

Post Your Design:

* Does it have a hover effect? If so, see above
* Make sure the post-design page honors logged in status (and encourages you to log in, otherwise)

Latest Design Challenge:
* We should consider whether this is programmed content (and if so, we should test the admin interface to verify we can change it) or whether this is a time-based module (runs a certain promo based on dates)
* What are the expected ALT/TITLE attributes on the tags?

Rotating content block:
* Verify that clicking on each section below the image replaces the content
* Verify that long content is either ellipsized (...) or discouraged from the admin interface
* What are the expected ALT/TITLE attributes on the tags?

Hot Designs:
* This could run off an algorithm (and if so, we should test that when we manipulate the test data, the algorithm adjusts accordingly) or it could be programmable content
** How many likes/favorites does it take for a design to be "hot"?
** Is this block cached in any way? On a cron job? Immediate?
* What are the expected ALT/TITLE attributes on the tags?

Designers you Like:
* Verify that only favorited designers are displayed
** Try favoriting one and come back; does it appear?
** Similarly, un-favorite one and return; does it disappear?
* What are the expected ALT/TITLE attributes on the tags?

Staff News:
* RSS feed displays staff in the same order as they appear on the homepage
* Author name links to their blog/page
* Title links directly to their post
** Try long titles -- do they wrap?

* Copyright date
* Logo links to homepage/page top
* Links work and take you to their intended destination

Of course, the above list isn't comprehensive, but it's a good start; feel free to add comments to the blog entries for anything I've missed or gotten wrong.

Also, if you're interested in helping the Mozilla Web QA team test, please check out out Volunteer page.


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