Started writing testcases for SUMO (

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I've promised this for a while, and it's finally here: I've started to write Litmus testcases for SUMO (

The *only* reason these weren't previously added is that I simply never had the bandwidth to write them before :-(

Here they are:
SUMO Litmus testcases.

Even more importantly, I've created products in Litmus for AMO and Spread Firefox, as starters; I would *love* your help creating testcases for any of the above, so please contact us at if you're interested in helping out. You don't even need a Litmus account if you just want to write and send testcases for us to review and submit.

The plan, of course, is to write testcases and build BFTs (basic functionality tests) from a selected group of those testcases, and run those every release, in addition to verifying a good portion of the fixed bugs for each milestone; this really should cut down on the number of regressions, which is much-needed if we're to move forward rapidly.

Our WebQA's group page is at, so take a look around at our projects and let us know if you're interested.


- Stephen Donner, (just one of) Mozilla's Web-App Floggers.

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Great news indeed! As you once said, cheers to more stable SUMO releases in the future. :) And for In-N-Out, supper, Coca Cola, tårta, clubbing, sethb, Baja Fresh, burritos, San Francisco, Nokia TV and what not.

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