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WebDev QA would appreciate your help in testing the SUMO 1.0.1 release (so far, only two resolved-fixed bugs):


The fixes are aimed at supporting Firefox 3.5 detection on the SUMO (Firefox Support
) website


(Contact me at stephend@mozilla.com or comment in the bug.)

Krupa and I are a little nervous about bug 441739, so if you're interested in helping us, file any bugs you see as blocking that bug; we'll also be taking a look at this probably Monday, but would love more help.

The changes are to the experimental-override functionality (logged in vs. logged out, etc.); for more information about what to test, see Bug 441739, comment 42


Got IE 8 and want to help out Mozilla (you don't have to like IE!)?

We're looking for people to help us test IE 8 support across a few key Mozilla properties; we're starting with:

* mozilla.com
* addons.mozilla.org
* spreadfirefox.com
* support.mozilla.com
* blog.mozilla.com

If you would, please let us know of any bugs you find while using IE 8 on any of these sites.

To file a bug, please just file a bug in the same component as above, and add a blocks dependency.

Thanks! (If you've already looked at a site, please let me know how it was.)

For more info, contact me at stephend@mozilla.com

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