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Without trying to make her blush and get all embarrassed and stuff, I'd like to extend a sincere welcome to our new webdev qa contractor Krupa Raj, who comes to us from Livescribe (check it out, that pen is pretty amazing!) and HP.

She's got really solid QA chops, and is a great addition to our slowly-but-ever-so-surely burgeoning webdev QA team :-) (We're still just two people, for those of you in the community who don't know!)

She's right now shadowing me on all my projects, and co-attending my meetings, so that's a lot to hit her with right away, but she's doing great.

Again, welcome!

Thanks again, Ehsan.

I just wanted to publicly thank Ehsan Akhgari for implementing the Private Browsing mode in what will be the next version of Firefox.

That feature was almost dropped, when he took it, then drove it to completion.

Great, great stuff; a beacon of the kind of community involvement we really love and appreciate here @ Mozilla -- he's also localized AMO for us, and I think done RTL support on SUMO, too (if not, Ehsan, we could use your help on the 1.0 release!)

(Others worked really hard on it too, like mconnor and faaborg, among others; didn't mean to down-play their involvement, but he deserves special attention since he took such initiative.)


Customer-support bots FTL

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I was having problems loading http://www.playphone.com (it was returning HTTP 500, Internal Server Error), so I decided I'd report it to the company in the "quickest way possible" (ahem): live chat.

Below is the actual transcript of that rather unsuccessful session, which just goes to demonstrate that live help is really, really appreciated :-)

An agent will be with you shortly. We appreciate your patience. While you wait feel free to begin typing your question.
Thank you for patiently waiting. You are currently at position number 1 in the queue. We will be with you shortly.
You have been connected to Noemi J.
Noemi J: Hello,Stephen. Thank you for contacting mobile support. My name is Noemi, how may I help you?
Stephen Donner: Hi there
Noemi J: How are you doing today?
Stephen Donner: your homepage is giving me HTTP 500 internal server errors
Stephen Donner: http://s5.tinypic.com/jj3ayv.jpg
Noemi J: May I have your mobile number, please?
Stephen Donner: I already entered that; why do you need it?
Stephen Donner: I'm not a customer yet
Stephen Donner: just reporting to you that your homepage doesn't work
Noemi J: I am apologies for your inconvinient , How you would like me to help you today?
Stephen Donner: Report this error to the webmaster / server op / IT team?
Stephen Donner: did you see the error?
Noemi J: I am apologies we can not see any error if you don't identify the phone number, and model of your phone? I will try to help you what exactly is what you tryin to to ?
Stephen Donner: I'm not using a phone!
Stephen Donner: http://s5.tinypic.com/jj3ayv.jpg
Stephen Donner: it's a web browser
Stephen Donner: firefox 3.0.6, to be exact
Stephen Donner: I'm loading your homepage
Stephen Donner: and it gives the error that I've screenshotted in the URL, above
Stephen Donner: it's an internal server error, which means it's not Firefox's fault
Noemi J: Thank you, one minute while I look up the information requested.
Noemi J: May I have your mobile number, please?
Stephen Donner: omg
Noemi J: Hello,Stephen. Thank you for contacting mobile support. My name is Noemi, how may I help you?
Stephen Donner: are you serious?
Stephen Donner: are you a bot?
Noemi J: We are continually working to obtain new exciting content and hope that you will come back and visit us in the near future for your media content needs. Thank you for choosing PlayPhone as your media content provider.
Stephen Donner: hello?
Thank you for contacting PlayPhone. You may now close this window.
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

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