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Every day, I go to work for a company for which I truly enjoy working; I'd like to take a moment to relate some of my experiences, and petition you to consider applying, especially in the Web Development and QA departments.

Mozilla is described by nearly everyone within its walls as "organic," a somewhat-difficult term to digest. You immediately think "OK, sounds like there are no rules." For the large part, that's actually quite true: the mix of employees' experiences, personalities, and work style coalesces into a slow, but ever-progressively gelled set of "best work practices." We strive ardently for not repeating our mistakes; most times, we succeed; occasionally, we drop the ball. wasn't a hot release--not to the public nor to us, individually--but it did fix over 200 issues (most of them security!), and provided somewhat limited (due to the surprise), but well-meaning, support for OS X; needless to say, we think we've really got it right this time--a noticeable Mac OS 10.5 AJAX bug aside--for, which we just shipped tonight around 4PM PST.

There's another side to Mozilla that often goes unnoticed,--until you need them--and that's the Web Development team (and, humbly, its nearly-sole QA counterpart, yours truly ATM). We're supporting Marketing and Engineering in each's drive to understanding the Firefox user-experience and making it the best it can be. Together, we're responsible for a successful launch on another platform, like Rock your Firefox, in addition to the many and increasing number of pages within the breadth of the Firefox experience (such as the new First Run, What's New, and Operation Firefox pages/compaign, respectively).

As one such prominent example of our work, we're redesigning the user-experience of browsing, installing, and managing Add-ons for Firefox 3 (both in the client and on the web), and the changes on will also reflect this, in a newly skinned version set to launch within 7 or so weeks. We could use your help in testing! If you've got prior familiarity with the add-ons website (or, just mad testing/coding skills in general), please shoot me an email at:

Your excellent feedback will help me solidify my Test Plan.

While I'm not a web-testing newbie (having tested both and for both divisions of AOL), there's always more to learn, and any/all help really is appreciated!

Keeping in mind, though, that its goal is to launch in about seven weeks, please try to constrain the scope of suggestions/fixes in-line with the 3.2 PRD.

Thanks for your help!

- Stephen

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