Call for testing help!

If you've got especially either Mac OS X 10.4 or Windows Vista, Mozilla QA would be very appreciative of and interested in any testing help you can provide for the Download Manager.

Bug 103487 has landed, which now means we *should* integrate with the various anti-virus vendors' software.

Additionally, we now have Vista Parental Controls (which can disable the download ability), and other Download Manager fixes/UI features left to land.

At present, there are ~ 250 either open or known fixed/resolved bugs.

It's daunting at first, but if you're interested in helping out, you can:
1) File/verify bugs
2) Write testcases (using Litmus)
3) Stop by in #qa of irc:// and we can help you test this and/or other components

Asking 'stephend' in #QA is the best pre-screen for Download Manager bugs, as I've probably run into most of them, or at least have read their bugs.

My testplan (work-in-progress) might get you thinking about ways in which you can help test.

Thanks in advance for your interest and help in making Firefox 3 great! (And yes, most of us hope that the "Clear / Clear All" button is returning :)

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