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If you're one of the 2 billion folks that I need to get back to via email, phone, instant messenger, Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, or--gasp--in person, please note that I will be doing so as soon as humanly possible, given the workload I'm currently experiencing.

More Firefox 3 QA love!

Just a note to myself that, I've signed up to test:

Add-ons (Plugin Management System)
Content Handling (Download Manager updates)
Search / Tabbed Browsing / Visual Refresh (theme changes)


I'm happy to announce that starting Monday, July 9th, 2007, I'll be working full-time as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer for Mozilla Corporation in Mountain View, CA.

Having been out of the professional workforce for the three years' duration while finishing up my degree, I must concede a fair amount of trepidation, but I'm pretty familiar with most aspects of Mozilla development, so it should be a manageable learning curve. I'm also excited to hopefully get back to doing some Purify work, in addition to learning and running Eggplant, among the day-to-day testcase creation/running. There's a ton to learn around Mozilla, technology-wise, so I look forward to that.

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