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Fascinating excerpt from Seth Lerer on the history of the English language.

* stephend also waves goodbye to the CW network's Hidden Palms.

Just a note to self (and anyone else who cares): if you need Win32 Tinderbox builds of Firefox, they can be found here. They're considerably more recent than the published-one-time-a-day-only trunk nightlies.

Amazing fix for Firefox 3

Bug 342810 goes down as being one of the coolest regression fixes I've seen in a long time. Thanks to all involved!

It just makes sense...

It's not secret that a lot of companies are started in the hopes that they will be acquired.

RememberTheMilk seems like one such company, especially since it links heavily with Google web applications (both Gmail and Calendar).

Nothing wrong with that, just pointing out the obvious, I guess :-)

*stephend waves goodbye to VaxGen.

I filed bug 383632 against Fox News' Health page rendering (probable Gecko bug).

Here's how to link to the local (and hopefully reduced) testcase, within Bugzilla.

1. Do a File | Save As and choose the "Complete"
(the resulting files will be something like "index_files" (folder) and an "index.html" (file)
2. Using WinZip or 7-Zip, make an archive out of this (name it with the .jar extension)
3. Upload to your respective bug
4. Create a link to the file you want run, like so:
5. Fill in the URL field of your bug with that from step #4, above.

Here's how to find the build id of a given Mozilla-based build:

1. Open the Error Console and type/paste in Components.classes["@mozilla.org/xre/app-info;1"].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIXULAppInfo).platformBuildID
2. Click "Evaluate"


(Actually, I just discovered that javascript: alert(navigator.buildID); yields the identical thing; bonus.)

This documentary really does have some of the scariest footage of ghosts I've seen.

Seemingly, no matter how much $$$ they pump into MySpace's budget, it doesn't translate into a concerted development effort where the goal might be to fix bugs.

The following is very nearly the most common response I get when trying to load a given MySpace page--that is, when it's not otherwise dropping my HTTP session...

Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred.

This error has been forwarded to MySpace's technical group. (It's not as bad as the travails that Friendster went through during its burgeoning days, but still!)

Godspeed, Facebook!, I say.

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