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Tonight I installed Greg's DIR-655 router from DLink; it's sweet!


Best Buy acquires Speakeasy.

On top of this, I hear rumblings that Acer might buy Gateway...

Wallace Stevens really wrote some interesting poetry.

Esoterical is a word, no matter how much Microsoft Word and Mozilla's Open Office-derived dictionaries contend otherwise.

I was just telling Mom yesterday how, even though I only had five weeks left in which to complete everything left for school, I wasn't worried.

Then I couldn't sleep last night, and woke up today around 3pm, and now feel like I'm laying on the ground with someone's boot firmly on top of my head, preventing me from movement...

Time to take long walks and bike rides, or something else to try and reduce the stress and get the mind in a mode to hammer out some serious output.

Looking forward to new albums from:

Angels and Airwaves
Linkin Park

Coolest annual report _ever_: Novozymes 2006.

I've found the ambient sounds (music?) of Steve Roach to be really conducive to studying/reading.

Here's an list of everything I've either read, am currently reading, or will be reading in the 6 weeks left of school.

CDN to watch for: BitGravity.

Cisco acquires WebEx, and Microsoft acquires TellMe.

Finished reading Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, tonight (for my Children's Literature class).

I don't really see what the big (censorship) deal is/was...

Took our first ride for the year today...just chronicling it.

Also, really enjoyed reading Frindle and Locomotion for my Children's Literature class. is pretty cool; give it a look!

Although I am fond of Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily," I abhor his Go Down, Moses collection of short stories. One of his "sentences" has thirteen or so clauses, all separated by semicolons, and it just drives me insane.

(Right about now, some professor or hardcore literature geek is rolling their eyes, muttering outloud how I'm misunderstanding how greatly he uses stream-of-consciousness, like Virginia Woolf. Note that I absolutely hated her To the Lighthouse, too.)

Just discovered the amazing guitarist that is Jeff Beck.

Things to accomplish this weekend:

1. Print Poetry's journal responses @ school.
2. Print SparkNotes for The Great Gatsby.
3. Finish Blodgett exam; email it to him.
4. Rewrite/fix poem #4.
5. Do question #2 prep-work for the in-class exam in Bender.
6. Do the take-home exam.
7. Strengthen/proof-read The Professor's House paper.
8. Senior Seminar reading: Troylus and Criseyde.
9. Begin/complete paper for Blodgett on The Great Gatsby?
10. Find time to like, sleep, eat, and relax. Oh, and watch TV.

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