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8 weeks until my world relaxes!

(End of school.)

Now this is what I like to see!

Closed; South Bend, Elkhart
and Plymouth Campuses

Street Knowledge

From worn, downtown sidewalks, I
Glance at the denizens, knowing in full
Each life story

The way they look at me in return
Fully imparts themselves like oppressing billboards
Through the way they
Drape their bodies,
Carry their heads

Looking away after
Our commonplace gazes,
I try not to fool myself;
I'm just a mere tourist, after all
Who thinks the windmill I see up on the hillside
As I pass on by
Is like every other;

Perhaps it would be wise, instead,
To think of false familiarity like
Looking at the doors of a barn
Leaving its contents inside to
Spill out later, under fresh circumstances;
Protracted visits on porches I
Haven't been to before, and
Might never be extended an invitation to visit again

More serotonin, please.

Thank you.

Today is a great day for the internet: Akamai has acquired NetLi.

NetLi actually accelerates (via compression) _all_ content between you and the origin server. Akamai serves up about 1/3 of the most popular websites, so you can imagine the performance increase this will bring.

As I suffer from insomnia (quite severely at times), I thought I'd relate something that has worked for me: dual-release melatonin, from Swanson Vitamins.

I find I sleep better and longer, often have vivid (albeit at times _weird_) dreams, and even when I wake up prematurely, I find I don't yawn throughout the day like I did before.

Additionally, the groggy feeling you get from over-the-counter sleep aids, which contain diphenhydramine HCL, is absent.

Zimbra looks like great stuff; I know the folks over at Mozilla Corporation use it.

I'm now reading The Romance of the Rose, for my Senior Seminar (English, on Romance).

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