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Quasi-on-the-Market for a Job


I guess this is a "good time" to begin thinking about which kind of company I'd like to work for.

I want:
* a QA position (blackbox)
* to work with some former Netscapees (if at all possible)
* Bay Area work, in: Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Mountain View; not really looking for San Jose, due to 101-commuting insaneness, but I guess if the company/position were good enough, I could...

Early interests thus far (in no particular order):
* Flock
* Songbird (though it's in San Fran)
* AOL (why not? ;-)
* Mozilla Corporation
* MetaWeb
* Yahoo
* TellMe
* LiveOps
* Logitech
* Sandisk
* Cloudmark
* Glu Mobile
* EA

I have 3+ years of real-world QA experience. As I anticipate being insanely busy during my final semester @ IUSB, I won't have much time to job-seek, though if anyone wants to tell me about their company/positions, please do feel free:

Note also that I don't want to be doing phone-screenings until at the earliest late April, 2007.


22. 22. No, not my age--I wish--but rather the number of books (mostly boring novels) that I've got to read for next semester. I'll post a list here when I get the courage to; the two bags absolutely chock-full of books are depressing me.

Shoot me now, please.

Gonna be a tough/weird semester:
* My last one - sooooooo many things to do and think about, it's gonna be insane
* Lost finishes its third season
* I've got to start thinking about a post-school job (a good, but worrisome thought)
* Weather is going to get snowy and icy soon, and with it, the very roads on which I drive to school
* At least Vista hits RTM (I know, it's not that great, but I made the mistake of installing RC1, which is really buggy, so I look forward to something a little more polished)

A slew of Web 1.0 buttons, here:

Although I have Umberto Eco's The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana right here, I have read to read a single word.

Why not? I'm lame.

Received a most gracious B+ in Screenwriting. That class was incredibly challenging for me.

Literatures in English 1900-Present: A
Writing for the Web: A+
Advanced Expository Writing: A

Now on to next semester, in which invariably I'll be struggling to keep my head above water:
* Writing Poetry
* Senior Seminar (tough!): British and American Authors
* Children's Literature (should be fun)
* American Literature since 1914

I anticipate that my nose will be stuck in a book for the majority of the coming 4 1/2 months...

So, Coke and Nestea's Enviga product won't last long, at least not in its current formulation.

It uses aspartame instead of Splenda/sucralose, and it has a horrible aftertaste.

Cool can though. (Whatever!)

Insanely busy college students like myself are constantly in need of schedule optimization and organization, so I'm proud to recommend

It's far better than

"Created by a school teacher"

I keep wondering if the promoters of the Airborne product realize that they're really not marketing effectively with that tagline. I doubt it, though.

What does it tell us about the product, or even its inception? Sure, teachers become exposed to a multitude of pathogens, but is there something special about a gradeschool teacher's education that makes them excellent herbal supplement formulators?

Nope. Nada.

Last night I made the decision--not lightly--mind you, to view United 93.


At first--when events and characters are just setup--I found it somewhat boring, to be completely frank. However, once the terrorists fully emerge and the takeover is in motion, I was captivated. A few critics have said that the movie successfully humanizes the terrorists (in some way eliciting sympathy from us as viewers), but my view is that it balanced the likely truth that--even though driven by their vision of Allah and the promise of Heaven--they still felt fear while carrying out such a horrible "mission."

The really successful thing the movie did is that it elicited a primal urge in me, and I think in all of us, and that is that when we see such a horrific inversion of humanity--the brutal slaying of those on board as well as the other planes' devastation of the World Trade Center--our own urge is to redress with supreme intensity that injustice. I placed myself in the situation; I was, for the duration, on board that doomed plane, destined to die at the merciless hands of some Islamic extremist, but found myself also reveling in the homemade recompense issued at the hands of that band of doomed passengers, as they grabbed fire extinguishers and other assorted weapons, desperately trying to regain control and mete their own brand of justice.

Had I a knife, I too would've literally bludgeoned to death the terrorists, with absolutely no qualms.

Its ending is terse--no better word can be found. No stupid asides, no flaming remarks, no comparisons or contrasts between Islam and Christianity, no political dissents, no judgments. In short, the movie is successful precisely because it just is. I won't contend that the acting is good, but really, is that important?

My final paper for E304 - Literatures in English 1900 - Present, is posted.

In it, I (hopefully) examine and make clear the subjugation of whites as it is exists in J.M. Coetzee's post-Apartheid novel Disgrace.

Sadly, in the paper I misspelled his surname several times, omitting an extra "e."

My overseas compadre Faisal still links to this blog.

Why, Faisal, why? There's nothing of interest left here anymore--if there ever were.

Perhaps I'll try to resurrect it.

In truth, I've been so busy with school this semester; sadly, next--my FINAL semester--will be even worse.

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