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If you're not happy with your current ISP's DNS provisions--or even if you are--you'd do well to try out OpenDNS.

They're really fast, as they use huge cache servers, and they have a nice auto-correct feature for misspelled top-level domain names.


I too, am addicted to NBC's show Heroes. It's a nice fill-in while Lost is on an extended hiatus.

Four (4) weeks left of school for this semester.

That's _insane_, and I couldn't possibly feel more overloaded right now. Sigh.

I just finished reading Never Let Me Go, and was disappointed after a good setup of the premise.

Next up--for the same class--is Coetze's Disgrace. I've heard that one fares quite better.

In addition to reading Disgrace, here's what's left on my plate:
* 60-page, original dramatic screenplay
* 8-10 page paper in which I utilize Mary Louise Pratt's Arts of the Contact Zone to explicate aspects of Disgrace's post-colonialism.
* 5-page paper on a topic of my choosing for Advanced Expository Writing (perhaps I'll write on my feelings as I head towards the final push at college).
* Continue weekly blogging on Biotech over @

So, this blog has languished for quite some time now, for good reason.

On Tuesday the 21st, I'll be registering for what I hope is my _final_ semester @IUSB. It's surreal, but I'm also a bit ambivalent. I'm not sure exactly what to do post-college (i.e. which of the myriad of companies to start looking at, or even which, if any, of my skills are still useful out there).

One thing's for certain, however: next semester will be a nightmare. I anticipate three Literature classes, one of which will be a three-hour Senior Seminar on Medieval Romance (here's hoping we don't remain in Middle English, a la Chaucer, for the duration), followed by probably a Writing Poetry class. (I don't mind reading poetry, but writing is another story; perhaps the class will change that, if all goes well.)

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