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I'm experiencing a deluge of spam lately that escapes my otherwise-resilient Sophos filters.

Anybody else?

Coke's new Enviga looks really cool, but not because I'm hoping to tone up my physique or anything...

Review from MSNBC.

School has kept me insanely busy this past week, and I don't see this relenting anytime soon.

In many ways, I think my time back here in Indiana can be thought of as my formative years; they've certainly been 2+ years of the hardest time I've spent on this earth, for so many reasons, only a few of which I really plan to enumerate here.

(Although, I confess my ears would perk up and my heart would relax if I were to hear, "Now, the assignment is to write a testcase for feature X." Instead, I feel like Gumby, stretched emotionally and academically in more inane ways than I care to admit.)

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