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Here's a _great_ reason not to build your entire website in Flash, like the morons at The CW Network did:

When search engine bots spider it, all they'll see is this:

The CW Television Network
�2006 The CW Television Network Privacy Policy.

This is just one of the myriad of reasons why constructing from the bottom up in Flash is bad; others like lack of accessibility and bookmarking come to mind as well.

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If you're lazy, like me, you'll absolutely love emurse!

What is it, you ask? It's an extremely handy way of keeping your resume up-to-date, as well as ensuring that it's readily available in all of the popular formats at once!

While I'm still finessing it, my resume can be found here -> http://stephendonner.emurse.com/

These guys basically cloned Amazon.com.

After initially castigating the new Netscape.com, I now find myself warming up to it.

The idea is great--even if done before with Digg-like-sites--but the main problem which lingers is the _amount_ of content.

As it relies on its "thousands of users," many of whom simply don't contribute articles, to submit its content, it just can't possibly keep up with the day-to-day news that sites such as Yahoo! or even its sister/parent AOL.com can.

If they could blend the "old" content (feeds-based news articles) with this new system of voting and submission, it'd be a match made in heaven.

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