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Jason Calacanis's newly headed Netscape.com banner reads:

"For over 10 years, THEY programmed the web, now it's YOUR turn. A new Netscape.com is coming in 30 days..."

What's hilarious about the ad banner is its tone. With its two nerds, the banner ad tries to imply that the user can do it better, or that personalization offers something radical. Good? Yes. Radical? Not in the least, unless they're going to do something novel. The implication that geeks have "programmed" a website (I'd prefer the term "coded," but whatever) and that it hasn't been satisfactory to users strikes a chord with me, but not in the way you might think. Rather than being disappointed with the "programming," I take more issues with Netscape.com stylistically, and to an extent functionality wise.

Will this just be a limited XML/RSS customization page? Will it have any interesting default content? Will they finally give the brand the look it deserves and has deserved for so long?

I hope this isn't a rehash of earlier attempts such as MyNetscape.com, MyAOL, or QuickView in the Welcome Screen (all three on which I worked). If so, I'll be sorely disappointed.

I doubt it, but time will tell. I remember how disappointed I was when they dropped the Rome and Phoenix implementations and went with the current CompuServe channels-based templates. They're drab.

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I know nothing coming from AOL should really surprise me since they're able to select the worse when they have the choice between the best and the worse. But I still have a pang when I see the netscape logo associated to aol crap.

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