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A few ABC shows are now online...

Give it a look.

With the FCC's High-Definition TV-broadcast signal mandate looming, could the recent trend towards online broadcasting help assuage the problem?

Furthermore, what implication does this have for the long-fabled prevalence of Multicasting?

Interesting questions...

I'm terribly excited about the future of the internet, particularly as paradigms are shifting left and right with the proliferation of broadband-enabled homes and the corresponding bandwidth-intensive, video-utilizing sites.

This is a _very_ busy, but good, time for me right now.

Working on a great employment opportunity (more on that as it gets finalized), finishing up my final two weeks of this semester at IUSB, preparing for my summer class in Geology, but most importantly I'm also preparing for a long-time friend's wedding, and another friend's graduation ceremony here at school.

Provided I can get all of this done successfully, it's going to be a great time!

Firefox's printing support is abysmal. Try printing out http://www.viajeros.com/article594.html, and you'll get just one page.

Apparently, it's this bug -> bug 154892. I notice folks have requested the appropriate blocker request markers for Firefox 2.0, so here's hoping it gets fixed in the next release...

My bet is that within a year, either/both Limelight Networks and VitalStream will be acquired.

The former provides nearly all the bandwidth and hosting for MySpace (which is red-hot right now with 70 million users,) while the latter hosts Flash video streaming, especially, for large media companies (ABC, to name one).

Oh, and in similar fashion to ABC's announcement that it will now stream past episodes of a few of its most-popular shows, Fox follows suit.

When will CBS and NBC do ad-supported broadcasting--first-run or reruns--of its shows? That remains an interesting question to be answered...

And no, I don't care about $1.99/episode on iTunes. That's an expensive price for something which is already ad-supported on broadcast...

The world just keeps on getting fuller of Google's goodness.

Viva Google Calendar!

It's something that I as a hectic student need desperately.

Are people really ready and wanting to see a film about "Flight 93?"

It remains to be seen...

Every episode of Prison Break introduces some new layer of complexity to the "break out" plot.

Just when you think you've seen enough--or indeed, too many--obstacles, the writers interject some new plot device which further complicates their getting out.

Although it has the effect of frustrating the viewership (we just want them to break out, already!) it works to assure some sense of authenticity or reality, that this is a show about what might happen in *real life* even if you think--as Mike Schofield does--that your break-out plan is fail-proof.

Thank goodness for this show, House, and Grey's Anatomy, for those dry spells lately in Lost's plot, particularly with regards to its mythology...

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America Online Changes Its Name to AOL


Let me tell you, that is some ground-breaking stuff. Wow. Hold me, I'm trembling.

Survival of the Richest is a nice show to have on in the background while slogging through Intro to American Government and Second-Year Spanish test preparations...

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