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Hurricane Katrina's effects are certainly devestating on so many levels: physical (financial/structural), emotional, and social. Reports of widespread looting and shootings reflect a people so distraught that they seek to provide for themselves and their families at any cost.

(Forgive me, this next point is trivial compared to what's mentioned above, but as that's too depressing to dwell on right now, I'll digress into yet another strange rant about globally distributed computing, of which I seem to be attracted to so much lately.)

My friend and old coworker's company Lewis isn't reachable at all as of this moment, perhaps proving the case for geo-distributed DNS, such as the services that both UltraDNS and Akamai, among a few others, supply. No doubt that Lewis's upstream provider is likely down, and perhaps even _their_ upstream provider as well, proving that the internet (as the saying goes) is only as strong as its weakest link.

DNS dig here.

This past weekend, I saw Crash for $2.00 at my old favorite Cinemark 6 "dollar" theater.

Crash felt, in many ways, very similar to 21 Grams in its exploration into just how connected our lives could be at any given moment with each other.

While many of the scenes--though certainly not all--felt contrived (if you were carjacked by a guy with a gun, would you then turn around and later give him the gun back and just let him walk away??), the movie was all-in-all realistic in its heartfelt portrayal of the characters, especially the way with which it dispensed with stereotypes, rather than reinforcing them.

Prison Break. Yup, it's that good.

I was blown away by its freshness (yes, I'm aware prison movies have been done ad-naseum before, but they've never been paired with this much conspiracy and multi-threaded goodness!)

While nothing so far can supplant Lost's intrigue, this show packs a punch. It almost makes me forgive Fox for cancelling The Inside.

I've begun reading Beowulf, and it's surprisingly very interesting.

Naturally, I'm reading a translation, but to be honest I wasn't expecting it to be this entertaining.

Netli is almost like a cross between Akamai/Mirror Image and Internap--looks great!

School starts back this Monday, August 29th, and the onset of terror has already begun.

Many thanks to Kerz for upgrading all of us hosted here at MozillaZine for the MovableType 3.2 upgrade.

Received and watched The Picture of Dorian Gray today via Netflix, and also wasn't impressed with it.

Because I'm familiar with how difficult it is to make a good novel, and how it's even /harder/ to effectively transfer from a novel to film and retain a novel's essence, I'm willing to cut this version some slack. Someday, though, I'd like to read the Oscar Wilde novel from which it is based.

I like the idea of the story, it just wasn't a particularly compelling retelling.

Saw Choke tonight on my Tivo, and was pretty disappointed. Thankfully, not too disappointed, since I wasn't expecting much.

I'm starting to now trust the IMDB a little more--users seem to be able to comment and rate movies better, but that could just be a faulty perception of mine.

Dennis Hopper wasn't bad, but he wasn't full force like he used to be; albeit the script given him was pretty lame.

Really, it has so many /bad/ plot holes.

So AOL Instant Messenger has blocked my screenname for some reason.

I have the login URL for this blog stored on My Netscape, and of course that, like all other AOL/Netscape/CompuServe properties, requires a successful screenname authentication.

On one of their 'support' sites, I learned that 'blocked' also means 'in the process of restoring after a wrongful deletion'. (They purge every few months for inactive screennames, and usually disable legitimate ones in the process.)

Here's hoping they restore my access soon, because I'm missing a lot of my email.


Many, many thanks to Scott for fixing the worst part of bug 301649.

Symantec acquired Sygate a couple of days ago.

So, once again I ignored the reviews and ratings and decided to watch Darkness. I wish I hadn't, but at least my curiousity is settled.

The movie is not scary, has pretty wooden acting, and takes way too long to put forth its final twist, which really isn't even worth sitting through all of the boring moments for.

Frisky Radio continues to exceed my highest expectations of what a dance station /should/ be: hip, always progressing, and timeless in its portrayel of the scene.

Faisal, keep it rocking, and here's hoping you've got many years to come. I'm proud to say I was one of your first and longest-running listeners!

The trend is now that streaming video is free on the various news sites, and of course I'm in support of it 100%. Gone are the days when even reluctant sites like and are charging monthly fees for what you can see over broadcast TV; makes no sense.

While I enjoyed last night's premiere of Tommy Lee Goes to College, I felt it, like so many other "reality" shows, was scripted.

One of the strangest things occurred when he picked up my math book from last semester and said "Chemistry". That makes me think it's pretty scripted--he's clearly not paying any attention to the books he's picking out.

Obviously, it's a TV show and therefore I shouldn't put too much stock in its accuracy, but if they're not paying attention to details like this that are so obvious, that's annoying.

Ug. Ashton does it again. "It" being starring in a lackluster "comedy" (Guess Who), which really wasn't funny at all (at least to me), though I like Bernie Mac.

MCI a few days ago acquired Totality.

(MCI has merged with my DSL provider Verizon, which is why I follow MCI.)

Has a super-hectic weekend this past Friday and Saturday, as I was the Best Man for Eric Jensen, in his marriage to Angela Benjamin on Saturday in Grass Lake, Michigan.

My toast went better than expected, considering we (speaking for the collective groom party) were unable to get any sleep the night before the wedding.

The wedding itself went well, minus the poor child who suffered a sting from a yellowjacket, and although it was quite hot outside and in, everyone seemed to enjoy the ceremony and celebrations.

The website for Fox's Reunion show (coming this fall) is up.

Wow. I've seen the lamest TV show ever, and its name is "My Kind of Town."

Way to go, ABC!

The Jacket is a convoluted mess.

So much for Akamai and their self-appointed "streaming leader" status:


"Connection to the server timed out".

AOL is on the path to acquire lately, as it also just bought out Wildseed.

Tommy Lee Goes to College could be very, very entertaining, it just depends on what they do with it.

I just hope it doesn't turn out to be a disappointment like Princes of Malibu was, but since it's Tommy we're talking about, I have faith.

The dialog in Buffy the Vampire Slayer is so rich:

Buffy: "So then, Kathy's like, "It's share time," and I'm like, "Oh, yeah? share this!" (mimes punches)"
Oz: "So either you hit her, or you did your wacky mime routine for her."
Buffy: "Well, I didn't do either, actually. but she deserved it, don't you think?"
Oz: "Nobody deserves mime, Buffy."
Buffy: "Oh, Kathy does. She deserves to be locked in an invisible box, and blown away by an imaginary wind, and..."
Oz: "Forced to wear a binding unitard?"
Buffy: "Yeah, the itchy kind. It's perfect."
Oz: "Just here to help."

AOL just picked up XDrive.

Google is really, really well peered.

Really, the critics were right: Alone in the Dark is a pathetic attempt at film.

It has absolutely none of the ambience the Atari PC and later, video games, were known for.

ABC's Lost has revealed that it's signed a deal with Hawaiian-based Cause & f(X) Pictures, hopefully reflecting an emergence of more sci-fi driven storylines.

Because it was on last night (and for little else of a reason) I watched K-Pax.

I didn't really like it; Kevin Spacey is a great actor, for sure, but with this part and script, there just wasn't a whole lot there to work with.

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