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Just hit a really annoying Mozilla Mail bug:

Bug 176416 - Remote images (referenced as URLs in the message source) always get attached to the message.

Here's how the currently broken functionality works:

When a message is forwarded, and it contains remote images referenced in <img src> tags, Mozilla Mail will try to include that image, even if "Send as Plain Text" is selected.

Here's why this is extra annoying:

If you've been receiving those spoof mails for Ebay/PayPal/banking sites, the sites might often change the URLs of some portions of their sites, and trying to forward them will make Mozilla spin if that file no longer exists.

Dark New Day is an astounding hard rock band.

Mozilla trunk is pretty severly borked right now:

* Bug 298675 - xul error on main window, * Bug 297478 - Downloads fail with "..could not be saved, because the source file could not be read" (error in JS Console: "Error: uncaught exception:Permission denied to get property RegExp.constructor")

Those are just two bugs currently plaging the trunk.

As of 11AM PDT, there are:

33 'approval1.8b3?'-seeking bugs,
16 'approval1.8b3+'-approved bugs, and
70(!) 'blocking1.8b3?'-seeking bugs

In addition, bug 110163's patch seems to have some pretty good cache code cleanup along with some performance improvements, which is cool.

I applied for a part-time job at Sam's Wholesale Club today.

Yeah, I know, it's no Netscape or AOL, but as far as retail jobs go in Indiana (or the nation, for that matter), it's probably one of the best places to work while attending college.

I had a pretty good-sized stash saved up from my Netscape/AOL and later AOL/Spherion (contracting) jobs, but it's rapidly depleting each semester.

For example, I pay around $2,500 per semester (which thankfully includes books, parking, student activity fees, etc.)

I pay rent at home, as well, and have car insurance, DSL, and small other sundry fees.

Although I don't have UPN (no cable or digital receiver, but the internet holds many wonders for acquiring things digitally), I've been watching Veronica Mars, and have to admit it's better than I expected it to be.

Although they've been dismissed by die-hard fans, the comparisons of the character Veronica to Chloe in Smallville seem apt.

Anyhow, I'm always up for a mystery, and this show fits the bill while I wait for new seasons of my other shows ;-)

I got my first ever notice letter congratulating me on the fact that I had made the Dean's List for the Spring 2005 semester here at Indiana University South Bend.

Sure, it's just an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper with Old English script, my name, and a date and signature, but it still feels good to have some sort of academic recognition this late in my education.

There's going to be a lot of hard work and frustration coming up for the next semester, but I'm ready to sink my teeth into it.

Distractions will abound, however, when the fall TV schedule (dramas, mostly) arrive.

Mozilla Suite's Installer (a.k.a. Seamonkey) is dead on the trunk due to changes that landed with bug 224305.

The bug that tracks what needs to be fixed for Seamonkey is bug 297725.

If anybody can help us get this fixed so our installer works again, please speak up in the bug.


Thought I'd mention in passing that I saw Sahara last weekend.

I say in passing because the movie was mildly entertaining; the plot was far-fetched as to the point of total implausibility, but the acting, at least, was fun and well done.

Saw Batman Begins last night, and I'm absolutely pleased to say it met my very high expectations!

Everybody takes their roles seriously, there are no cheap jokes (not to say there aren't a few comical points), and it has a great dark feel to it (as the beginning story of Batman should).

Christopher Nolan _rocks_. This movie could have been so terrible, and yet he delivered us a gem.

Lexar's "support" is worthless.

Stay far, far away from them.

Ever since I took Humans and the Biological World - L100 (a course that by all appearances sounds introductory, but I assure you is quite difficult) here at IUSB, I've been keenly interested in what's going on in the world of bio-tech, especially with the pressing afflictions like HIV that so plague many parts of the world (and in our own backyard).

There's recent hope that a company called Lipid Sciences may have the answer. By dissolving the lipid layer that coats a given virus, the body's own immune system can then mount a defensive attack while the virus can no longer attach itself to the host cell.

Wow. The concept is deceptively simple, but I'm sure it's going to be tough to execute.

Still, it's fun to read about this stuff.

Picked up the new Coldplay X&Y album today, and I'm really enjoying it!

The Inside wasn't really compelling, but perhaps future episodes will build on the premise.

It's just not all that interesting--yet another cop show, with just a splash of "Seven" thrown in.

I picked up a hardcover copy of Oracle Night today at my library.

Though I didn't care much for Mr. Vertigo, Auster's New York Trilogy is simply amazing.

Planning on reading it tonight.

Are you a fan of either Will Smith or Kevin James, or, as I am, both?

If so, might I recommend Hitch? While the story's take-home ideas are standard, the delivery is what really grabs and holds you as a viewer: Will Smith is at the top of his game, and Kevin James plays a bumbling idiot.

Trust me, I'm no fan of romantic comedies in general, so for me to recommend this comes with an air of genuineness.

Robots certainly doesn't have the charm that accompanied its much-earlier competitors, Toy Story and Toy Story 2. Nothing, in my mind, can top Toy Story, but I did enjoy A Bug's Life as well.

Ice Age, Robots' predecessor, was a lot better than Robots.

The problem with Robots was predominately its weak storyline, but in addition, it suffered from some funny but horribly out of character crude jokes, which I felt were completely unnecessary.

Where Toy Story was replete with imagination, Robots could only fill with one-liners and slick animation.

I've been a proud Motley Crue fan ever since their quintessential Dr. Feelgood album, so it came with great jubilation a few weeks back when I noticed and purchased their Red, White, & Crue album--essentially most of their greatest hits.

I'm a sucker for cheesy rock ballads as well as slamming guitar riffs, and the CD combines them both.

My favorites, I hear you asking?

"Girls, Girls, Girls", "Kickstart My Heart", "Don't Go Away Mad", "Without You", "Same Old Situation", "Home Sweet Home", and, of course, the titular "Dr. Feelgood".

Absolutely a necessary purchase if you only own Dr. Feelgood, or just want a single CD to take with you somewhere.

Couldn't sleep at all last night; it's sweltering hot here, so tonight I'm going to make up for it by taking--as a temporary stopgap only--Tylenol PM Vanilla.

I'm a little curious why they feel the need to make their sleeping+pain pill formulation with vanilla flavor: are those pills really that awful tasting to simply swallow with one gulp of water?

They sure smell good, though, and they're _sweetened_ with sucralose--no kidding!

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