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Daily, I crash Firefox 1.0 on Mac OS X 10.3.7 when loading and using the mouse while I get the busy cursor:

Date/Time: 2005-03-31 11:52:58 -0500
OS Version: 10.3.7 (Build 7S215)
Report Version: 2

Command: firefox-bin
Path: /Applications/
Version: 1.0 (1.0)
PID: 1744
Thread: 0

Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001)
Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE (0x0002) at 0x000005a0

Thread 0 Crashed:
0 Flash Player 0x04d6b058 0x4d05000 + 0x66058
1 Flash Player 0x04d1d448 0x4d05000 + 0x18448
2 Flash Player 0x04d8c0e8 0x4d05000 + 0x870e8
3 Flash Player 0x04d90ad4 0x4d05000 + 0x8bad4
4 Flash Player 0x04d9b554 0x4d05000 + 0x96554
5 Flash Player 0x04d9b6d8 0x4d05000 + 0x966d8
6 Flash Player 0x04dcc1a0 0x4d05000 + 0xc71a0
7 Flash Player 0x04d0a634 0x4d05000 + 0x5634
8 Flash Player 0x04d09c70 0x4d05000 + 0x4c70
9 org.mozilla.firefox 0x001b76c4 _ZN24ns4xPluginStreamListener15OnDataAvailableEP19nsIPluginStreamInfoP14nsIInputStreamj + 0x2c4
10 org.mozilla.firefox 0x001a945c _ZN26nsPluginStreamListenerPeer15OnDataAvailableEP10nsIRequestP11nsISupportsP14nsIInputStreamjj + 0x288
11 org.mozilla.firefox 0x000bcf3c _ZN19nsStreamListenerTee15OnDataAvailableEP10nsIRequestP11nsISupportsP14nsIInputStreamjj + 0x130
12 org.mozilla.firefox 0x000cf910 _ZN13nsHttpChannel15OnDataAvailableEP10nsIRequestP11nsISupportsP14nsIInputStreamjj + 0x134
13 org.mozilla.firefox 0x000ac118 _ZN17nsInputStreamPump15OnStateTransferEv + 0xf8
14 org.mozilla.firefox 0x000abf00 _ZN17nsInputStreamPump18OnInputStreamReadyEP19nsIAsyncInputStream + 0x74
15 libxpcom.dylib 0x0708010c 0x7000000 + 0x8010c
16 libxpcom.dylib 0x07041cd4 PL_HandleEvent + 0x24
17 libxpcom.dylib 0x07041bf8 PL_ProcessPendingEvents + 0x80
18 libxpcom.dylib 0x070420dc PL_IsQueueNative + 0x88
19 0x927d1fa0 DispatchEventToHandlers + 0x150
20 0x927d2214 SendEventToEventTargetInternal + 0x174
21 0x927d6694 SendEventToEventTargetWithOptions + 0x28
22 0x927e2d2c _Z29ToolboxEventDispatcherHandlerP25OpaqueEventHandlerCallRefP14OpaqueEventRefPv + 0x2b8
23 0x927d205c DispatchEventToHandlers + 0x20c
24 0x927d2214 SendEventToEventTargetInternal + 0x174
25 0x927e46bc SendEventToEventTarget + 0x28
26 0x927e85d8 ToolboxEventDispatcher + 0x5c
27 0x927f8718 TryEventDispatcher + 0x6c
28 0x927d8d88 GetOrPeekEvent + 0x134
29 0x927d9064 GetNextEventMatchingMask + 0x1c8
30 0x927ec9f0 WNEInternal + 0xa0
31 0x927fd708 WaitNextEvent + 0x4c
32 org.mozilla.firefox 0x001d4498 _ZN16nsMacMessagePump8GetEventER11EventRecord + 0x74
33 org.mozilla.firefox 0x001d437c _ZN16nsMacMessagePump13DoMessagePumpEv + 0x30
34 org.mozilla.firefox 0x001bb910 _ZN10nsAppShell3RunEv + 0x38
35 org.mozilla.firefox 0x007ebc18 _Z8xre_mainiPPcPK12nsXREAppData + 0xac0
36 org.mozilla.firefox 0x0000f54c start + 0x1b0
37 org.mozilla.firefox 0x0000f3cc start + 0x30

Tough. One word that aptly describes Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse.

Not only the style of the writing - in streams of consciousness - but the weight that almost each thought has in the novel, astounds me.

I hope to understand it well enough to write a capable paper on it near the course end; in addition to this work, we have to read Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison. Going to be a fun final 4 weeks (gag!)

Saw National Treasure for $1.50 at Cinemark 6 this past weekend, but I must declare that it's not worth much more.

New Lexus IS 300.

Video preview here.

While I was aware of influenza vaccines, such as the nasal FluMist variety, I wasn't aware that there is actually a pill which _stops_ the viral strains from replicating once a human host has contracted it.

Called TamiFlu, it inhibits viral proteins of the flu virus. Wow, pretty amazing.

After being available for almost 3 years in California, SoBe Lean beverages are finally available at our local Meijer grocery store.

Yay! (What a waste of a blog post, but I just wanted to officially capture this moment.)

Unlawful Entry really is the quintessential early-90's movie, which means it pretty much stinks -- predictable, with a thread-bare plot.

Well, I'm shocked.

Akamai bought out Speedera today.

I think this means that Mirror Image is the last remaining 'pure-player' of content-distribution, but I could be wrong.

Press release.

Here at IUSB, we use Sophos Lab's PureMessage product, and I really appreciate it. Here's what it blocked yesterday:

Id Time Score From Subject
[#ip6WDA] 20:19 66% Paypal Service PayPal account Suspended << HTML: Dear Use
[#ip6ZAg] 20:20 66% Paypal Service PayPal account Suspended << HTML: Dear Use
[#ip6xJw] 21:11 66% Paypal Service PayPal account Suspended << HTML: Dear Use
[#ip+wYw] 02:26 66% Paypal Service PayPal account Suspended << HTML: Dear Use
[#ip3Sbg] 18:12 82% American Life Po Policies approved online in 10 minutes. No
[#ip75BA] 00:05 82% Dating Great Expectations Dating Service = 1000's
[#ip7MYw] 22:27 86% 99 Sex Less ��SEX���X�ɔY�ސl�ȃT�[�N�����W�̂��ē���
[#ipyCJA] 11:02 94% Payday Source Tired of asking friends for finance help?
[#ip/mPw] 04:44 94% E-Gold Team Update And Verify Your E-Gold Account << H
[#ipylPQ] 12:02 96% johnhong BEST RATE,TIANJIN-EUROPE BASE PORTS,Shangh
[#ip79bA] 00:11 96% Wanjun@Zzcfd.Com ��Ʊ�۸� << �𾴵Ŀͻ��� ���ã����������ڳ
[#ip7gFA] 22:57 99% Moria Davis Naked Dwarf Tossing... <<
[#ip+MDQ] 00:51 100% Booker Lee Dirty Amateur Porn Movies. << See These In
[#ipzPGA] 13:18 100% Klimat to all .... EWQVGJROSN << HTML: �������, �
[#ip6JLg] 19:51 100% Charterone Bank Reactivate Your Account Now << HTML: Chart
[#iprVUg] 05:25 100% Agnes D McNeil Rolex watches starting at $199.99 << Get t
[#ip6DXA] 19:44 100% Diego R Luck Antidote found in Crocodiles << The Ancien
[#ip6KGQ] 19:54 100% Vanessa J . Smit Office software - wholesale price << Get a
[#ip+nLA] 01:53 100% Mxvreal Money Ba Make Money Now! ihw << HTML: New Page 1 nd

Elidel has been linked to increased cancer rates in lab mice. I wonder if someone told Leanne-Rimes? ;-)

Saw Minority Report over the weekend; it was on ABC.

Philip K. Dick didn't get enough credit in that movie for his visionary ideas.

Still, what a great movie, all in all!

Due June 3rd, a new illustrated Umberto Eco book entitled The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana.

I can't wait.

If you've been watching Lost faithfully like I have, you're more than likely very intrigued at what the object with the hatch is buried just beneath the sand.

This webpage, extracted from the real comic book that Walt's character was reading, explains a whole lot of the nature and direction of Lost (and the polar bear); but I doubt that it'll be a blatant rip-off of the comic's plot.

Still, it's very unique and interesting, when fleshed out in a realistic manner.

Check this out:

This is for my Literary Criticism class, and it's what we're supposed to be able to apply to literary works. Yeah, right.


Cleanth Brooks - "The Formalist Critics"

Vladimir Propp - "Morphology of the Folktale"

Political Criticism

Karl Marx - "The German Ideology"

"Wage Labor and Capital"


John Fiske - "Culture, Ideology, Interpellation"

Antonio Gramsci - "Hegemony"

Louis Althusser - "Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses"

Alan Sinfield - "Cultural Materialism, Othello and the Politics of Plausibility"

Psychoanalysis and Psychology

Sigmund Freud - The Interpretation of Dreams

"The Uncanny"

"Pre-Oedipal Gender Configurations"


Gayle Rubin - "The Traffic in Women: Notes on the 'Political Econony' of Sex"

Helene Cixous - "The Newly Born Woman"

Audre Lorde - "Age, Race, Class and Sex: Women Redefining Difference"

Colonial, Post-colonial, and Transnational Studies

C.C. Eldridge - "The Revival of the Imperial Spirit"

Jamaica Kincaid - "A Small Place"

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak - "Three Women's Texts and the Critique of Imperialism"

Mikhail Bakhtin - "Discourse in the Novel"

The Village: I'm beginning to like it more and more, which is a scary thing, considering I hated it when I first saw it in theatres. Oh, yeah, I still laugh at the tawdry "costumes" of the monsters.

The movie grows on you, and the reason is because it's a human story. A story of protection, of truth and its role in that very protection of your loved ones.

I own the DVD now -- bought it for $9.99 used at a local video store in perfect shape. I dislike the obtuse dialog, but the scenery, cinematography and music by James Newton-Howard is beautiful.

My favorite show Lost is getting _really_ good. The Hurley episode "Numbers" was probably the best one yet, and has me totally intrigued.

The numbers (4,8,15,16,23,42) that Hurley used to win the lottery are linked to the Jewish Kabbalah, in some weird way.

Law and Order: Trial by Jury didn't impress me.

Sure, it has a different perspective, but there wasn't as much "by Jury" aspect as I was expecting, and it's going to totally stink without Jerry's character, although it's nice to see Kirk
from Oz.

Finished reading The Moonstone.

Pretty good read, all in all, especially for the 1800's. It does make me think a tad better of Iain Pears' An Instance of the Fingerpost, since that was written in the style of Collins, and pulls it off quite nicely.

Unfortunately, however, I was excited to see "The Moonstone", a 45 minute-long 1934 production which pretty much destroyed the aforementioned literary work.

The nature of a literary work, that which makes it, well, literary, is something above itself. That is, it has a great deal of things to say, more than which are represented purely by the story or plot itself.

They changed Rachel Verinder to Anne Verinder, made Rosanna beautiful (and there was no repressed love interest in Franklin), killed the entire subplot about the Indians protecting their jewel, Murthwaite is now "Mr. Vandoo", etc...

It's terrible. But what could I honestly expect from a 45 minute rendition? Sigh.

It took 6 years, but multiple-server SMTP support in Mozilla is properly realized now!

Bug 202468

If you haven't been watching it yet, I recommend you check out House, on Fox. It's similar to Medical Investigation on NBC, except the dialog is a lot more sarcastic.

Has anybody out there read The Grapes of Wrath AND seen the movie?

How do they compare, in terms of plot?

Email me at, thanks!

This is a pretty cool image: note that it looks like a skull, but really isn't...

I found that my blog is no longer listed on Ian's weblog.

/me sulks

Hah. No, I admit it, this blog has nothing useful.

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