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C:\Documents and Settings\stephend>nslookup www.moshic.com
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Server: UnKnown

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Name: www.moshic.com

Medical Investigation is very enjoyable show for a couple of reasons:

1) It seems (from my limited post L100: Humans and the Biological World knowledge) to be pretty accurate. Each episode goes through around 3 diseases and settles on the final culprit. They go through all of the modes of transmission, symptoms, and possible treatments. I learn a lot.
2) The acting is pretty spot-on; the show is fast-paced and keeps your interest.

IBM just acquired Corio.

When will someone acquire Opsware?

Lycos is now just a search engine again. Is Excite next?

L222, Literary Criticism, is one of my toughest classes so far.

Not because of memorization, as with my Introduction to Biology class, but rather because it is extremely difficult to even get to the level of understanding NEEDED to memorize the corresponding theory.

We're reading the primary texts, from such notable likes as Freud, Marx, Kant, etc, none of the distilled, watered-down 'here's what so-and-so said' commentary.

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DJ Precision is an amazing melodic/progressive trance DJ...

You can download his mixes from www.crystalclouds.com (register for free).

EasyBib.com is a great free online resource for citation (MLA).

I really like The Killers; what a great band!

Their "Mr. Brightside" is so catchy, and "Somebody Told Me" is epic.

Great stuff.

Finished reading O Pioneers!, and now have to write a book report (not the high school variety, mind you).


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I can't believe I actually sat through the 3 hour 'epic' that is Alexander. The characters' accents were totally unbelievable (an Irish-sounding Greek?), the acting was wooden, and a lot of the action was so profoundly melodramatic as to be laughable.

Miss it, or do as I did, and watch it at the local dollar theater...

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As part of my American History II class, I'm reading O Pioneers! by Willa Cather.

It's terribly boring, but I suppose that it's a fair representation of what some folks in the late 18th century experienced in the far west.

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So much for Internap being a highly redundant and fail-safe hosting center:

(From Livejournal.com)

Our data center (Internap, the same one we've been at for many years) lost all its power, including redundant backup power, for some unknown reason. (unknown to us, at least) We're currently dealing with verifying the correct operation of our 100+ servers. Not fun. We're not happy about this. Sorry... :-/ More details later.

Update #1, 7:35 pm PST: we have power again, and we're working to assess the state of the databases. The worst thing we could do right now is rush the site up in an unreliable state. We're checking all the hardware and data, making sure everything's consistent. Where it's not, we'll be restoring from recent backups and replaying all the changes since that time, to get to the current point in time, but in good shape. We'll be providing more technical details later, for those curious, on the power failure (when we learn more), the database details, and the recovery process. For now, please be patient. We'll be working all weekend on this if we have to.

Update #2, 10:11 pm: So far so good. Things are checking out, but we're being paranoid. A few annoying issues, but nothing that's not fixable. We're going to be buying a bunch of rack-mount UPS units on Monday so this doesn't happen again. In the past we've always trusted Internap's insanely redundant power and UPS systems, but now that this has happened to us twice, we realize the first time wasn't a total freak coincidence. C'est la vie.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse was terrible, terrible, terrible.

The original was so much better, but seeing as how that's nearly always the case, suffice it to say I wasn't surprised.

Need I say more? How about "I'm so lame for thinking it would be anything but trash". How's that?

The tagline for this movie should be "Because how many times have YOU wanted to crash a motorcycle through a church's stained glass window while doing somersaults and firing weapons which never need reloading?"

I enjoyed Just Married -- wildly hilarious in spots, it's still an enjoyable movie through its slower spots.

Wicker Park is a pretty fun movie; never boring. Although Harnett claims it feels like a Hitchcock movie, it doesn't really -- the payoff is much weaker than the Master's, but that's okay, it's a fun ride, still.

Got in an accident today (neither I nor my car are badly hurt, in fact I am perfectly fine, sans my self-deprecation over the incident).

Due to terrible fog-induced lack of visibility today, I ran a stop sign (I was going too fast for the weather conditions, I admit), and ran into a heating and air-conditioning truck (a Ford Econoline 150).

The accident occurred at precisely 11:10 am, as I was on my way to my first class at IUSB.

It reminds me of what a bad driver I am (I can hear Kerz chuckling right now), and how being late for school (class began at 11:30, and I was still more than 20 minutes away) is such a terrible excuse for my poor driving.

My car clipped the right side of the van with my left headlight, and the bumper and hood are a bit messed up. The car probably only needed a jump (it was unable to start, but I had been running both hazards and head/taillights for about an hour).

There's a lot to do, when you're in an accident (this is really my first time; I say really, because I was in a fender bender once where both parties had so little damage as to not file).

For instance, I've had to:

* Fill out the Driver Incident Form.
* Have the vehicle towed.
* Begin the estimate process (which involved moving it from the tow shop to the body shop).
* Call the insurance agent (and, later the adjustor), which involves recording a verbal statement about the incident.

Actually, I guess it's not all /that/ much to do, really.

It's just embarrassing, and I'm still kicking myself for my driving.

I can only learn from this, and do my best not to drive so fast and careless in the future.

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Adobe Reader 7.0 is now out; get it here.

While The Quincunx is an absolutely great read, Charles Palliser's The Unburied is lamentable in all aspects. The basic plot is minimal; a short story would have sufficed. Rather, it's blown out into something that pretends to be an interesting novel.

I really resent the fact that food costs money, and, good-tasting food costs a /lot/ of money.

Both of those facts really tick me off when I'm at school, with little money (just paid $2000 out-of-pocket for this semester), and especially since I don't often wake up in time to have breakfast.

Not to mention cereal gets old, fast.

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