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Although I did ask for it specifically this Christmas, I was so happy to unwrap a shiny, brand new copy of Def Leppard's uber classic hair metal CD, Hysteria.

Man, it really takes me back; I was in the 6th grade when Hysteria was so popular, along with Guns 'n Roses, Poison, Ratt, Firehouse, etc.

With this CD, you just can't go wrong; Animal, Hysteria, Rocket, Love Bites, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Armageddon It, and others.

I have to say, though, Love Bites is by far my favorite track on this disc.

I absolutely loved Before Sunrise.

It's very realistic, natural-feeling, and touching.

It's a must-see for all you romantics out there.

Looking at the box cover below, however, one might think that Ethan and Julie are choking each other...

The Blind Swordman: Zatoichi.

I have heard great things about this movie for years now (probably on the order of 2, I believe), but nothing I saw in the movie lived up to my expectations (rarely do many movies, in fact).

Some comedy bits were nice, but the plot was standard fare, the acting wasn't too great, and the CGI blood and violence was terrible (both stupid and excessive).

According to Netflix, I have:

# of Ratings: 3659

That's pretty sick. Have I actually watched _that_ much? That would explain why getting the good grades I'm getting is such a struggle.

While working at Netscape/AOL for 3 years, I did rent 8 DVDs at a time, so in the average night I watched 3 movies.

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I saw Shaun of the Dead over the holidays, and wondered what the heck everyone is talking about (critics, I mean). There were a few funny parts, yes, but overall, it was pretty lame.

British humor is indeed drier, but still...

Nice to see the new beta page finally landed a couple of days ago.

The old one was a terrible eyesore, and got on my nerves...

I've never read any of Wilkie Collins' work (but this coming semester I will read The Moonstone, for my Literary Criticism class), so it was with a lot of excitement that I watched Basil, the film adaptation of his novel by the same name.

From what I have heard of his works, they are mostly murder mysteries -- in fact he's often credited with defining the genre. This story, however, had no mystery, really. Still, enjoyable, not only because it stars the lovely Claire Forlani

Highwaymen is interesting; it's simply a revenge movie put to wheels.

Works fine, just don't expect Seven.

Jack Black is hilarious (in the stoner sort of way) and Ben Stiller can, at times, be amusing.

Envy, though, is a real disappointment, to be avoided unless you've absolutely got to see their works.

I love all the Harry Potter movies; I think the 2nd was my favorite.

I do, however, appreciate the development of Potter's character in the 3rd installment. It's dark, progressive, and just plain cool (with some neat time-splicing going on).

I really enjoyed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and I'm no Jim Carrey fan, mind you (not since his face-contorting antics have gone out of style post-Ace Ventura).

It has a simple message, but is done so effectively and, I daresay, uniquely that I've taken to the movie.

Eye of God is interesting, not /quite/ believable, but still captures a feel that's worth the rental.


It's told in non-linear fashion, but you can tell something bad happens just from the setup; think A Rose for Emily; if you've read that.

Time to catch up on my blogging.

I'll get all of the movies I've seen recently 'out of the way'.

First, The Chronicles of Riddick absolutely sucks.

The acting is absolutely terrible, and the script is much, much worse.

The ending is totally predictable, and well, who cares about the rest.

I will say, however, that Thandie Newton is delectable.

Movies like this were what Netflix is designed for...

Recent mergers:

Sprint with Nextel, RouteScience was acquired by Avaya, Oracle finally took PeopleSoft under its wing...


Speeding ticket, today. On the way to my first final exam, Math.

Got clocked doing 84 in a 55. Pretty bad, yeah.


Check out what I'm expected to know in my Biology review sheet.

It's pretty nuts. Wish me luck on my final, tomorrow.

AOL just can't figure it out:

"As difficult as a layoff is, there's no question that it was the right thing to have done. We have reorganized the company and put it squarely on a growth path. And we have put in place the right structure for the long-term health and success of AOL."

Um, right. If you were squarely on the path to growth, you wouldn't be losing customers left and right and announcing layoffs...

Dimebag Darrell from the band formerly known as Pantera, now DamagePlan, was shot and killed in a Columbus, Ohio nightclub. Wow.

Fading in and out of the 'crunch' feeling here as the last week of classes before final exams begin next week.

Finished my English research project; due this Wednesday.

Have a Spanish interview with my professor this Thursday.

Then exams next week.

This will all be over soon, whether I'm prepared for the tests or not.

Pretty awesome:

Gotta get this:


Get off your lazy duff and check this out:

Minor in Business and Professional Writing

A business and professional writing minor equips you to function effectively as a writer within occupations ranging from business and industry to applied sciences, education, environmental affairs, government, health fields, and law.

This minor represents cooperation among the School of Liberal Arts, the School of Engineering and Technology, the Kelly School of Business, and the School of Journalism. The minor requires 16 credit hours. At least 9 hours must be at the 300-400 level, and at least 10 hours must be in the English Department. You are encouraged to take 3-6 credit hours outside of English. You must have a 2.5 or higher average in the 16 hours of the minor, and a minimum grade of C in each course for the minor. You should work with a faculty advisor in planning your courses and developing your writing portfolio.
Prerequisite: W131 with a grade of C or better, and a second writing course, such as English W132, W231, Technical Communication TCM 220, or Business X204.
Five elective courses: English W313, W315, W331 or TCM 340, W365, W396, W411, W412, E398, G204; TCM 320, TCM 350; Journalism J319, J320, J390, J415

One-credit portfolio course: English W411 (until a new course number is approved). You will work with a faculty advisor to develop a writing portfolio. Sign up for this course the semester you complete the minor; you may work with the faculty advisor informally before taking the portfolio course.

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