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Knowing full well that I should be studying, I decided to take today off and read instead. I've made good progress on The Unburied, reading up to 154/403.

Kingdom Hospital, from Stephen King, is yet-another lackluster made-for-TV miniseries.

It was based on another original series, Riget. Perhaps that one's better.

To be fair, I've only watched the 1st 3 episodes, but already, it's corny. It has an _anteater_, yes, an anteater, in the "only Stephen King could devise such a faux 'mysterious' creature" way.

Finally called up Tivo and had my Series 1 Tivo DVD switched over from Joe Hewitt to me, only 3 years later!

Being semi caught-up is nice; finally got a chance to see Edward Scissorhands; only 14 years after it came out! I like it a little bit, but not extensively - Tim Burton definitely has a flair for the odd, but I'm not sure his characters themselves are as strong as I'd like, in order to draw empathy from me.

I'm not impressed with The Clearing much, even with Redford and Dafoe's performances. The problem lies with the script, not the dialog.

Saw another gem yesterday, The Lavender Hill Mob. At times it's pretty amusing, but it's not super hilarious by any means (at least not for my funny bone).

As a big fan of Hitchcock's work, I was glad to get ahold of a 1940 movie of his - Foreign Correspondent!

It has a good story, with solid acting all around, and the special effects -- especially for the 1940's -- are quite admirable.

Recommend, especially if you appreciate black-and-white oldies.

Making good progress today towards my final English paper for L202: Literary Interpretation.

EndNote 8.0 has been immensely helpful, indeed. And to think I get it 'free', as part of my paid tuition.


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Faisal, you read my blog? Wow, cool.

Maybe sometime I'll actually post about something interesting!

Beginning to get caught up, and it feels so good.

Took my car in to have the 30,000 mile services, albeit only 4,500 miles too late ;-)

Took a Biology test yesterday, and a Spanish test today.

Now, just have a Math test on Monday, a Spanish composition due Dec. 2, and an English research paper due Dec. 8th.

Why does Firefox 0.9.3 NOT tell me that it has a 1.0 update available?

Our whole install base at school is 0.9.3, and while the Firefox homepage itself tells me there are important security updates, I find it very strange (and annoying) that the built-in update feature doesn't notify me...

3 more weeks of blasted school.

Bio test tomorrow; so behind in everything. Haven't been studying Bio like I should because of having to begin an English research paper, and haven't done Spanish as well because of English, and haven't practiced Math...oh, nevermind.


I wish I had the free time to write, and just write, write, write.

Expel ideas like nothing else.

I 'watch' TV while I'm doing my homework, and I've picked up on ideas that I think could make for a good horror/mystery book, but I don't have a clue how to piece them all together.

I think part of this inspiration of late comes from the fact that I'm doing research on Flannery O'Connor and her work (I've already read Wise Blood and The Violent Bear it Away).

One thing: I've always been absolutely fascinated with dowsing rods, perhaps there's something there I could build into a story.

The following is a course that I know will be good for me, but I bet I won't do all that well in:

ENG W350 Advanced Expository Writing (3 cr.) P: ENG W131 or equivalent. Intended for students who enjoy writing essays, the course focuses on developing style and voice through a range of increasingly sophisticated assignments. A significant goal of the course is for students to learn to write with facility, grace, and effectiveness, and as editors and readers to recognize those qualities in the writing of others.

Took a Spanish quiz today, did decently well, I think, but it came at an expense to the rest of my coursework in other subjects, since I had to deflect studying them...

Just finished my math homework, it took me nearly 3 hours to do (and it really shouldn't have; I just wasn't grasping stuff well enough in class).

Now to work on my English research paper on Flannery O'Connor, which has a rough draft due on Monday the 15th...sigh.

Once I've got _that_ finished, I can start cramming for my Biology test, which is on Wednesday.

School is absolutely insane right now. We've got 4 weeks left in the semester, so that means a boatload of tests and research projects are due, sigh.

Going to be a 'fun' weekend!

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C:\Documents and Settings\stephend>nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:

Dang. I bet even that won't be able to fully keep up with the 1.0 release of Firefox tomorrow (today, actually, since it's 2:16 am here).

I look forward to it!

Here at school, we run Firefox 0.9.3. When I click on the "Check Now" button for updates, it doesn't tell me that PR1 is out; probably because that's not considered a final release.

Anyway, it'll be nice to have a Mozilla-based browser here that's got stable features.

Of course, printing/print preview is still a nightmare...

The Ali G show on HBO is probably one of the funniest ideas to ever come along. The movie, however, is a lame copy of all terrible American comedies.

Having seen The Last Broadcast years ago (right around the time the Blair Witch Project came out), I was excited to see what one of the co-creators had in store for me with The Ghosts of Edendale.

I quickly found out he had a lame script, low budget and stoic acting for me. Skip this piece of garbage.

Bah. This is what you get for preparing for a long day of productive research at the school library with your laptop and a fast connection:

IMAP1 (Iago), IMAP2 (Kate), IMAP3 (Lear), and IMAP4 (Ariel) may be unavailable due to emergency maintenance. The outages will be rolling and start on IMAP3(Lear),IMAP4(Ariel) IMAP1(Iago), then move to IMAP2 (Kate). No two servers will be down at the same time. Access via Webmail, Pine, and graphical clients using IMAP will be affected. This maintenance will allow UITS to significantly reduce the recovery time in the event of another hardware failure.

Had the pleasure of watching Freaks last night -- really liked it. In the beginning, it felt too exploitive of the freaks, but in the end it was great to see how the story panned out.

And what an ending it was; I have never seen such a cool and disturbing image as I have seen in this movie. (Although I've seen plenty more shocking.)

Saw The Grudge (American remake) this weekend, and wasn't too impressed. If you've already seen The Ring (American or Japanese) and enjoyed it, then you'll most likely be disappointed by this less-than-stellar flick.

It has some disturbing images, but the story was weak, the acting felt forced at times, and it seemed like the film just went from scene to scene.

Also, there are some parts that were meant to be scary that causes me to laugh.

In fact, at the end, I exclaimed 'someone drank too much Coke!' (you'll have to see the film to understand that reference).

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