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School sucks.

No, really.

At least Biology and Spanish, both of which are supposed to be mere introductory courses.

To make matters worse, I've had both in high school and faired decently well, though of course high school coursework (unless Honors or A.P.) rarely compares to even an introductory counterpart in college.

But how, you ask, is an introductory Biology class so daunting? Simple -- the amount of material we're expected to learn is enormous, and the time is short -- we do about 2 chapters each _class_, so that's 40 pages chock-full of terms.

And take a look at my schedule on Wednesday. 10am-5:30pm. Man. I'm sure other people with really intense majors (such as healthcare) have it worse, but for crying out loud, I'm an English major!

(Did someone call a whaaambulance for me yet?)

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"and faired decently well"

Egad! Two problems. It's "fared" and "decently well" is both awful to the ears and redundant. Use either not both.

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