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Got an A in my Creative Writing class.

Cool, now to move on to my Professional Writing course next week.

Should be a fun 4th of July weekend.

A while back, AOL motioned to moving more of its content to the non-proprietary web from its service, and below is one of the first fruits of that decision.

If you have RealPlayer and a broadband connection, you can watch up to 4 free movies each month (themed).

I've been a long time fan of The King of Queens, so I've been waiting to see Kevin James'
Sweat the Small Stuff for quite a while.

It's short (about 45 minutes), but very, very funny.

I was pleasantly surprised by Keeping the Faith. It was bitingly funny, and worked well in most of its aspects concerning romance, friendships and faith.

I can't wait for the Athens 2004 Summer Olympics to start!

I'm especially looking forward to:

* Aquatics
* Badmington
* Basketball
* Cycling
* Taekwando

While it's nice to be finished with my Creative Writing class, I don't know what I'm going to do for this week off.

I'm too lazy to read, I think, but I've got giant list of books I've been wanting to get to for a while.

If the weather's warm, I'll drive up to the Indiana Dunes and spend the majority of the day there, doing absolutely nothing.

If anybody can help me out by creating a reduced testcase that crashes on Linux for bug 248825, I'd really appreciate that.

Glad to see my university promoting the use of Firefox 0.9 and
Thunderbird 0.7 clients!

Get Firefox Get Thunderbird

Everybody who knows me well enough knows I'm into electronic music (trance and house are my favorites; I've fallen out of liking techno for quite some time).

So it's no surprise that I'm digging Sasha's 2nd 'artist CD', Involver.

This one is a bit different from his Airdrawndagger, but both are great CDs.

Involver is just as light at the beginning, but progresses nicely into fantastic beats. Also, differing from Airdrawndagger, this one features some great vocals along with string guitars (think sambas, fusions).

It's really quite fantastic.

I can't believe people read my blog. But apparently, for whatever insane reason, they actually do.

Which prods me to ask -- what do you read it for? Are you fellow students, hackers (I am not; just a tester), music/movie lovers? What?

Send feedback to stdonner@iusb.edu if you care, if not I'll just keep blabbing about the same stuff that's on my mind and sharable to the world at large.

The successful appeal of Big Fish lies not in its story, but rather in its delivery.

As you're probably aware, Tim Burton always delivers on amazing visuals, and the look and feel of this film is so rich, it's like escapism personified.

I've been watching reruns of King of Queens for about a year now, and hope the new season is just as funny.

Doug and Arthur make the show, for me.

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra caught my attention...

...unfortunately, it could barely retain it.

The movie is much longer than it need be. The plot is super-thin, as you would expect a 60's spoof to be, but there are very little workable jokes (and practically no sight gags).

To be sure, there are a few gems:

* the skeleton's lines are pretty funny
* watching the aliens imitate 'pammimal'
* seeing the mutant

But the aliens' dialogue was terrible, and not in a 'terrible-but-oh-so-funny' way.

I tried hard to like it, but in the end was just glad it was over.

It's worth a rental, but make sure you have a reedeming movie handy; you'll need some real laughs or plot afterwards.

Had my last class of W203 Creative Writing tonight.

I was starting to warm up to everyone in the class -- it was a lot of fun -- and now it's over.

Oh well, I'm not too sentimental.

Have to revise my final dramatic play before Monday at 6pm.

(You know what that means for this weekend...)

The school bookstore was closed for inventory, and I was hoping to get another copy of Windows XP Pro to install on my laptop (it currently runs XP Home Edition), but that's not really a big deal.

More than the software, I wanted to purchase the textbook(s) for my W231 Professional Writing course, so I could skim over the material.

Since I'm an English major and have to write and print oodles of papers, I probably should start looking at a cheap laser printer.

We can print at school, for sure, but as I'm a procrastinator, I've often been late for class printing copies (or fighting with the copier upstairs).

Tonight's the last night of my summer W203 Creative Writing class.

I feel I've learned a bit, but you can't really instill poetry or dramatic play writing in someone such as myself who is resistant to it.

I did enjoy the class a lot though (especially the teacher and the other students), and 2 nights a week at 3 hours a day for 6 weeks isn't enough time to get to know anyone really well, but I feel we've all come out of there with new friends (even surface "Hi, how are you today?" friends).

Next up (after a much-desired week off) is my W231 Professional Writing Skills class, where we'll be doing the usual stuff like resumes, application letters, memos, etc.

Which reminds me. Any of you that fancy yourself good resume critics, please take a gander at http://mypage.iusb.edu/~stdonner/resume.html.

I could really use some feedback - send it to: stdonner@iusb.edu.

Even if you think it sucks, don't be shy, blast it and tell me where it needs more work.

New Netscape.com coming soon:

Dear Valued Netscape Member,

On July 21, 2004, the Netscape Calendar product will no longer be available. If you have important dates on your Calendar we suggest you either print and save those dates or input that information into another Calendar product.

We are actively working to improve the Netscape experience and plan to launch a new and improved calendar product in the near future. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope this advance notice will allow you ample time to find an alternative solution. As always, we thank you for being a Netscape member. Your patience during this change is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Netscape Support Team

Kill me now.

I have to write a 10-page play by tomorrow.

I have 4 full pages, but I've run out of material for the short drama.

This is my last assignment for class, I really hope I don't flunk it.

Bennigan's has off-tasting Chicken Fajitas. I don't recommend you have them. Not too mention they burn like they've got habanero pepper seeds in them.

For a little less than a full week, I've been running Windows XP Service Pack 2, Release Candidate 2.

I recommend it if you're an early adopter, as I (so far) haven't found any problems with it.

I liked Spartan, really I did. It's just that when you watch a David Mamet movie, and it's described as 'twisty', you figure there is more than one twist in the movie, and as far as I could tell, there was only a single one (a good one though, to be sure).

The twist itself was plausible, though not highly believable, and there were a couple liberties in his script with placement of convenient situations.

The directing, score and acting were all top-notch, of course. I just had a few issues with the script (and no, I'm not daring to say I could write any better).

About 2 weeks ago, I purchased a Gateway 400VTX laptop on Ebay for school.

I'm not disappointed; I got what I paid for, but perhaps I should've paid a little more and had a real video card (instead of shared video memory), a Pentium 4 processor instead of the Celeron, etc.

William Castle, ever the showman, delivers a unique premise in his flawed but interesting "Mr. Sardonicus".

I'm a sucker for black and white movies in general (especially mystery/thriller/horror genre flicks), but I had to laugh at the makeup job on Mr. Sardonicus. Watch it, you'll see what I mean. It reminded me of Baraka from Mortal Kombat 2.

Way to go AOL.

I was listening to Radio@Netscape while finishing up my final projects for school, when I got hit with a 'You have exceeded your daily limit' notice.

Q: Why is listening to Radio@Netscape now limited?

A: In order to play music online, Radio@Netscape needs to pay fees to the recording industry and ultimately the artists who make the music you enjoy. By putting a daily limit on listening, we can continue to provide you with the best FREE online music experience, with limited commercial interruptions, while still keeping our costs in check. Unlimited listening is available to AOL members through our popular Radio@AOL service which offers the same great audio programming in addition to more exclusive content and convenient access to all of the other great features of AOL. AOL for Broadband members get the added benefit of commercial free, CD-quality listening experience on Radio@AOL for Broadband. Click here to learn more about AOL for Broadband.

Way to go Faisal!

Oh well, at least there's always Shoutcast.

I am tasked with writing a 10-minute play for my W203 Creative Writing class.

Suggestions welcome.

Please email them to stdonner@iusb.edu.

Enjoyed The Station Agent immensely. I don't know what it was about it, exactly -- the story itself did not move me, it was the way it was told -- but the characters were real and believable. It has heart and soul.

I was surprised to find myself liking 50 First Dates, but it was actually quite enjoyable (for a 'romantic comedy', not its sole category).

Man, I hate writing poetry so much.

That is all.

Perhaps it was because I was expecting too much, but more likely is the fact that I'm not a fan of musicals in general.

Regardless, Chicago was enjoyable, but not my cup of tea.

I only lukewarmly recommend Home Room - if you're looking for a thriller about Columbine, look elsewhere.

Instead, it's a mild character study of stereotypes and high school relationships (in particular, between popular kids and the outsiders).


Whatever company consulted the Elkhart Public Library and installed their firewall two weeks ago didn't give them the right license, and now it's expired, saying:


You are not permitted to access the remote system.

If this is an error, then you should contact your local firewall administrator.

They're running "Simple, Secure Web Server 1.1".

Today's Yahoo! Mail outages are billed as being DNS-related (Akamai), however I can ping f527.mail.yahoo.com [] just fine, which means DNS is resolving fine.

I'm betting it's just their servers not being able to handle the load of all the new signups and those returning to check out the 100MB upgrades.

mail.yahoo.com resolves fine, too:

login.yahoo.akadns.net []

Anyway, I'm glad to see a new shift in the web - storage has been cheap for so long now.

The funny thing is, Netscape.com's Mail offering has been so poor for at least 2 years now.

They are lacking:

* HTML compose
* Filters (none exist at _all_)
* Spam filters
* Spam reporting
* Mail search
* Vacation/auto-responses
* Many preferences for mail viewing, such as my preferred "Advance to next message upon deletion" model

Wake up, AOL. Netscape.com used to bring you ad revenue, and now is not the time to be settling with such a cruddy email system.

Even a rebranded AOL-webclient (since this is what Netscape.net is anyway) would be better than what you have now.

Thanks to Samuel Sidler for extending his invitation to me for a Gmail account.

I'm stephen.donner@gmail.com, but the more reliable and fast-reaching way to get in touch with me still remains stdonner@iusb.edu.

I'm interested in obtaining a Gmail account.

If you or anybody you know has an invite, please do send one my way if you can.


According to articles I've read, tomorrow Yahoo! ups the storage limit of their Mail offering from 4MB to 100MB.

Currently - 20% of 4.0MB used - Get more space

Saw Rocky IV tonight. Man. I thought 5 was bad, IV was just a plain turkey. What was _with_ that silly robot at Paulie's birthday? What a lame idea. Typical 80's excess movie.

Stephen Donner
W131 Creative Writing
Summer I 2004

The 2nd verse of Hebrews 13 admonishes us that at any time, we could be entertaining angels. I know what you�re thinking. The Judeo-Christian image so popularly portrayed in various Renaissance-era paintings of young-looking men with curly hair, flowing white gown, and fibrous wings strikes a nerve in me too. It doesn�t help that the media often trivializes so divine a concept.

When your wrists and legs are bound in industrial-strength cable ties, your mouth duct-taped shut, you haven�t eaten in days, and your head reminds you that this is what it would feel like in a vice grip, you realize that now is not the time to bother with semantics. But there he was, nonetheless, standing over me with a Glock 9mm squarely on my temple, looking up at the sky as if he were expecting it to open up and pour.

How and when I arrived here in this loading dock is still beyond me. The last thing I remember I was downing Jack and vodkas with my brother Tom last night. Today, I�m here sitting up against the end of this rust-encrusted pipe, which leads to who knows where, and I�m struggling to remain conscious. It isn�t too hard to figure out you�re in a shipping dock � if the smell of salty ocean air and the sight of large boats doesn�t clue you in, well, you�re just plain thick.

Anyway, back to the gentlemen who at this very moment holds the fabric of my existence in the balance. I�m guessing he�s not too happy with me, and I�m gleaming this with just a few clues � the gun to my head, being bound and gagged, and the contempt for me I can see burning in his scowling eyes. My mind is racing back to last night. I was with Tom, yes, I remember that much, but what had happened after we left the bar? I drew a blank. Nothing.

�I want you to take a look at something and I want you to look at it good and hard�, he strained as he tossed what looked like this morning�s paper on my lap. The headline read �Wife of local businessman killed early morning in hit and run on North and Main�. North and Main. North and Main. The street names vied for processing time in my head. Then it registered � that was just a few blocks from McGee�s pub � where Tom and I had stayed until last call. What was his game? Surely he wasn�t blaming me for her death.

�My brother dropped his wife off last night at McGee�s to have a few drinks while he ran some errands. When he returned about an hour later, the pub said she had taken a walk with her friend downtown. That�s where he found her, lying dead at the scene of the hit and run. Now, before I deliver you to your maker, I�ll give you a brief chance to offer a pitiful apology�. He slowly tore the duct-tape off my mouth, causing searing pain across my lips.

�I swear I had nothing to do with her death. I didn�t even drive last night, I rode with my brother Tom, so you�ve definitely got the wrong guy�. �Didn�t drive? A likely story. Read the rest of the article, dimwit�. I skimmed the copy, �The suspect, who police say fled the accident in his late-model white Ford Mustang, was described at having a shaved head and wearing a dark blue coat.� I had a shaved head. So did Tom, in fact. For that matter, so do many people.

A few months earlier, Tom was diagnosed a few months earlier with Leukemia, and the chemo had taken what little he had left of his hair. Being the supportive brother that I am, I decided to shave my head so he wouldn�t feel conspicuous in public. My mind raced back to last night, think man, think. Tom owns a white Ford Mustang, owns a couple of other cars as well. The two pieces of evidence cited: shaved head and white Mustang together, though, almost certainly implicated him, if the eyewitness reports were to be believed.

Reluctantly, because I value my life more than anyone else�s, including my brother�s, I offered �You may not believe this, but I�m pretty sure it was my brother responsible for your brother�s wife�s death�. He snorted �Nice try. Gee, that�s highly original.� �Look�, I retorted, �your mission is to find the guy responsible, right? You won�t accomplish anything by killing me, since he�s walking free out there right now�.

He snorted, muttered something to himself, then I heard dialing on his cell phone. As it was ringing he asked, �Tell me where you brother is right now, and we�ll figure out what happens to you later�. �Tom works at Lowe�s during the day�, I quickly offered. My captor walked away, phone to his ear, and I heard his voice trailing off. I looked around for possible avenues of escape, but came up with none.

His phone call ended and he headed back over to me. �I�ve got people picking him up right now. You just sit tight�. Finally a chance to close my eyes and visit my mental hiding place. It was safe and warm there, away from harm. I�m not sure how long I was out for, but I was woken up by a limo pulling up and stopping. Doors slammed, and when I looked up, there was my brother Tom standing before me, arms locked on either side by two men.

Blood was trickling from his lip, and his left eye looked like a purple puffer fish. His head hung low, but his eyes were glaring at me in a fixed stare. �Mike, why am I here?� his voice so desperate and frail my tears welled up. �Tom, what happened last night after we left McGee�s?�. �Mike, you walked home remember? You were pretty trashed, and I had to be on the other side of town to meet Sheela, so I left�. �What car did you drive?� I asked. �You really don�t remember anything, do you Mike? I drove my black Accord�.

I breathed a sigh of relief. If Tom wasn�t lying (and I had no reason to doubt him), it meant he was innocent and neither of us were worthy of this stranger�s death proclamation. �This family conversation is all interesting, I assure you. But I�ve got a brother who has lost his wife, and the guilty party needs to pay�, the man bellowed. Tom gave me the glance, the one we�ve developed in bar fights over the years, the one that meant in just a few minutes skulls would crack together and limp bodies would lie scattered on the floor. At least that was the plan, and how it usually went down.

�Before you die, I thought I�d introduce your liberator. Name�s Gabe. Your brother Tom has already met Steve and Andy. They�ll be delivering him up while I send you to your grave. How touching.� He cocked his pistol and kneeled down in front of me, pointed the Glock again at my temple. That�s when I glanced at Tom and nodded, following up with a strong head-butt at Gabe, connecting with him as hard as I could.

He flew back and hit the ground hard. I could hear the back of his
skull meeting the pavement. Tom immediately sprung into action, flipping both Steve and Andy on their sides. He then grabbed Gabe�s pistol and began pistol whipping each one until they lay unconscious. Tom is an animal when you�ve triggered his fight or flight response, and this was the worst I had seen him in a while. He was pretty torn up when he arrived escorted, and now his payback was due.

�Come on Mike, let�s blow this joint�, Tom smiled. He found a knife hidden on Andy, and started the tedious process of cutting off my cable ties. My wrists tingled as the cables fell to the floor. �I�m sorry Tom, I didn�t want to give you up, but I believed it was the only way to save my life, and I was sure you were innocent�, I told him as we ran to the limo. My wrist having been bound for who knows how long, I asked Tom to drive, and I got in the passenger seat. He gripped the wheel, chuckled at me and responded �I gave myself up willingly, Mike. Once those goons came looking for me and asked if I was your brother, I figured you were in trouble, so I agreed to come along. I could�ve taken them right then and there.� His smile, crazy and warm at the same time, reassured me whenever I saw it. �So� about the accusation�, I ventured. �You were telling the truth, right? You never hit any lady last night in your Mustang?� �Of course not�, came his reply. That was all I needed to hear, or at least that�s what I told myself.

You see, ever since he started chemo and medication, Tom�s been a little off. He suffers from random blackouts, which only intensify once he�s been drinking. Whole periods of time seem to vanish from his memory, or are replaced by fabricated ones. Tom dropped me off at my house, I waved goodbye, and that was the last I saw him alive. Two days later, they found his body floating in the Hudson river, missing the tips of his fingers, and mangled in ways I�d rather not describe to you.

So if you ask me if I believe in angels, I�ll answer �Yes�. I believe we all entertain angels at some point, but don�t expect them to all be benevolent. Called �The Destroyer� in the Old Testament, it was probably Gabriel who was sent to kill the first-born of the Egyptians.

I got IU.edu's LDAP support working on a limited-basis with Mozilla Mail tonight, by doing the following:

Hostname: ads.iu.edu
Base DN: dc=ads,dc=iu,dc=edu
Port: 3268
Bind DN: ads\stdonner

Bind DN is the key to all of this, since IU requires you to authenticate with a simple user/pass scheme before you are returned query results.

Bug 166869 is so right:

"This *really* needs to be easier to use. At a minimum, "Bind DN" should be replaced by something comprehensible, and the help file should be updated. If the user doesn't provide a Bind DN, and bind fails, you should prompt for username & password, just like you do for HTTP. I realize that, according to the helpfile, your model is that admins will set up LDAP bindings for users; but that's not going to happen in a lot of places--it needs to be possible for people to try out Mozilla without admin support, so they can come to their admins and say, "This is a good program; you should support it". And even admins need usability; they shouldn't have to spend an hour grovelling through bug reports and XUL to figure out what's going on."

We're headed towards a 1.0 version of Mozilla Thunderbird and a 2.0 of Mozilla Mail, and yet this is nowhere in sight, that I can tell.

It's in the spec:


I've written Indiana University to let them know that Mozilla at least works, so I hope they update http://kb.indiana.edu/data/anxz.html?cust=170082.91934.131

Tracker bug here: bug 148891.

Japanese Story ended up a near complete waste of celluloid, and were it not for the beautiful scenery in the film, it would have.

The situations with the characters were so unrealistic as to be preposterous.

Thanks to Frank Burleigh from the mothership (Indiana University) for reminding me that Mozilla Mail actually _does_ work with IU's mail.

All I had to do to get it to work was make sure that SMTP was using SSL (although, oddly enough, it doesn't seem to require this on my Outlook config, which is still using port 25 to send mail).

Rocky V just went through the motions.

I really enjoyed the first 3 (well, I and III in particular), but you can tell this series was on its last legs with the final movie.

I just realized that I can SEND mail using Outlook 2003 with my IUSB.edu school account.

With Mozilla I receive SMTP relay errors (I can READ with Mozilla just fine), so I'm sure it's some Outlook/Exchange hook going out with SMTP.

This is a blow to me, since I'd rather use Mozilla Mail, but as I really prefer using a native client than a web interface (which is what I had to do before), I'll stick with Outlook 2003.

So when I send you mail from stdonner@iusb.edu with:

X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook, Build 11.0.5510

in the headers, please don't freak out too much.

Saw Man on Fire for $1 today on a whim.

It needed a lot of small editing tweaks (both story and film), and Denzel led an otherwise 'genre film' to an above-average finish.

I. Let the bad color not be seen. It attracts them.
II. Never enter the woods. That is where they wait.
III. Heed the warning bell, for they are coming.

The above rules are from M. Night Shyamalan's The Village.

I'd like to add a very important 4th rule:

IV. Anticipate not an M. Night Shyamalan film that followeth Unbreakable (it being good), for it is likely to suck as hard as Signs.

Stephen Donner
W131 Creative Writing
Summer I 2004
Page 219

SOUTH BEND � A 22 year old vagabond, self-described �curious collector� Ronald James Thurnwood, was arrested this afternoon on charges of breaking and entering into a 1985 Volkswagen Rabbit owned by Bill H. Good, a local 19 year old IUSB student. The car was parked in the lot on East Ireland Road. Police were called to the scene when an altercation began, reportedly after witnesses heard broken glass and noticed Ronald rummaging through the car.
�We were just sitting here drinking our Starbucks, you know? And this totally loopy looking dude just smashes his fist through the driver�s side window, unlocks the door, and starts going through that guy�s stuff. Creepy, if you ask me, that it could happen in broad daylight�, said one female, who asked not to be named. According to Bill, the owner of the VW, he was already apprehensive as he approached Ronald, noticing the broken glass, and a few of his items out on the pavement next to his tires. �As I approached him, he turned around and had this wild, distant look in his eyes. I was a bit concerned about what this guy could possibly do next, so I semi-politely (and with a bit of jest), asked him �Can I help you find something, man? Or were you planning on helping yourself?� When his only response was some sort of unrecognizable utterance, I decided just to take him down from behind.�
It was after he had successfully restrained Ronald that Bill was told by the onlookers police had already been called to the scene. Following Ronald being taken into custody, Bill began to check his car for damages, and was surprised to find that everything except the window remained intact. �This guy broke into my car, in broad daylight, with people watching, and apparently didn�t try to take anything. That�s odd, real odd.� Police confirmed no stolen items were on Ronald�s person, but he was charged with breaking and entering, and his single statement was �I only wanted to see�.
The witnesses at the coffee shop say Ronald didn�t respond at all to their shouts. �He seemed to be in another world. He would rummage through that poor guy�s car picking up various items, gazing at them intently, sometimes even holding them up to his nose, then either placing them back in the car or tossing them over his shoulder. I�ve never seem anything like it in my life.�
South Bend Police Officer Jeff Brinks commented �This is a strange case indeed � in all of the break-ins I�ve been called out to, the perp has a specific item in mind when they break in, usually a stereo, CDs, jewelry, money, that sort of thing. Clearly, given his self-proclaimed title of �curious collector�, I�d say he either found nothing of value, or ran out of time.�.
Ronald will appear in a mandated court hearing on June 8th at 2pm in the South Bend courthouse, on charges of breaking and entering. He was released without bail.

Rocky II was not the sequel I was expecting; rather (oddly enough) Rocky III seemed to fit much tighter in its place.

II felt flat -- I was already sick of Apollo Creed as an opponent -- and III had Mr. T, so of course I enjoyed that, but more /events/ happened in III, too.

Oh, and I've never been so tired of hearing "Eye of the Tiger".

I saw White Oleander last night, and the first 1/2 or so of the movie was really strong, deep characterizations and events, but it fell apart near the end (perhaps due to a novel being squeezed into a 2-hour movie). It's certainly not a happy movie by any means, but I don't judge a movie based on its 'Disney-esque' ending, rather the mood or emotions it can bring out of me. It really didn't succeed in making me feel anything, except hate for Michele Pfeifer's character.

Old David Lynch script here of 'Ronnie Rocket', which is something he wrote but obviously never filmed.


I haven't read it (yet) for myself fully, but the parts I've skimmed over make it look promising.

Real Women Have Curves comes recommended by me; it's pretty true-to-life with the issues, funny in numerous places, and above all, pretty light-hearted. There are no major heartbreaks or dilemmas that will leave you depressed, and most everything resolves itself somehow (that is, the things you care about do).

On a serious note, everytime I watch a Mexican movie, I get hungry for burritos or some lemon-spruced chicken fajitas. Strange how that works, huh?

The movie Stalingrad, which I watched earlier tonight, depicts rather accurately (I'm assuming, since I wasn't there) the horrors of that portion of WWII.

It's highly depressing (weather aside, even), as most war movies are, but it even lacks comraderie, spirit, and small victories. Mostly, people just die, in terrible ways, or suffer at the hands of their enemies.

By the way, there doesn't _seem_ to be a way to add indentation (as in, separating paragraphs) in this Movable Type 3.0.

Stephen Donner
W203 Creative Writing
Summer I 2004
Page 147


I still see them in my dreams. Each creek with its dirt bank appears almost exactly the same, but subtle differences in rock formations and surrounding foliage remain. Before you reach each one, you notice the trail of muddy footprints leading down to the frigid water, and you know it�s probably wash day... On wash day, the creek is busy with women doing their laundry by hand, plunging and thrashing garments into the water, and pouring detergents when necessary. Young children help out by holding buckets for their mothers to place the clean clothes back in. Many of the mothers have their babies tied to their back with cloth, and I�m amazed at the strain that must place on their back, especially on wash day, when each is hunched over so much, hands immersed in the water. They don�t know me, these ladies, but yet when they see me they wave with a warm greeting that makes me feel instantly welcome. Nobody bickers here, there is no competition. All have met with common purpose on this day. Strewn alongside the bank of the creek are their piles of dirty clothes.
Though the water here looks pristine, I know better. It�s infected with �bilharzias�, a parasite that can be found in nearly every small body of water in Africa � but these women have no choice, and have been washing clothes in these creeks for many years. I myself wade through, too, careful to wash up once I return home. These women don�t have that luxury, since they are washing in the creek; I doubt they have clean running water at home. There is a chorus in the air � all are singing an African hymn in unison, with each part ringing out. Keeping tempo are a few women with hands clapping. This meeting is almost a ritual, and is probably met with great expectation, as they all share stories and song with this act of community. On the non wash days, as I pass by each of the 8 creeks on my way to the clearing, I can still see and hear the bustle of laundry day, and I return to it in my dreams, as it provides me with untold peace and comfort.

Only see Dr. Suess' The Cat in the Hat if you have to see every comedy that Michael Myers makes.

Finally saw the original Rocky over the holiday weekend.

How can anyone not love it?

The original Cube was much better than its successor, the laconic Cube 2: Hypercube.

Slightly stoic performance from Anthony Hopkins in The Bounty, but I still rather enjoyed the movie, nonetheless.

Club Dread followed in the same vein as Super Troopers - funny in the beginning, and absolutely boring throughout the rest of the movie.

Super Troopers had about 12 minutes total running time of hilarity, the rest was pure garbage.

Amazing, simply amazing.

_Finally_ saw Armin spin at the Excalibur/Vision club in Chicago this weekend (Sunday the 31st of May).

Absolutely, positively the best DJ set I've ever heard in the melodic trance category.

That man really knows how to work the crowd.

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