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Focus, clarity, purpose.

These 3 things are in my mind constantly lately, as I register for school and begin the arduous task of finding suitable part-time employment.

It's good to 'begin again', as it were - it allows you to really drive away the distractions and focus on what exactly you need to accomplish your goals.

But it's also hard along the way, since memories of past lifestyles, activities and friendships become entwined in the mix and cause conflicting emotions.

Visited IUSB today in hopes of registering for the summer session (namely the following class, which I was hoping I could take at the still-closer Elkhart branch):

ENG W231 Professional Writing Skills (3 cr.) P: ENG W131 or equivalent. A course designed to develop research and writing skills requisite for most academic and professional activities. Emphasis on organizational skills and writing techniques useful in job-related writing situations. I, II, S

However, my hopes were quickly dashed as I found out this particular class isn't offered to the Sophomore class, of which I'm still a member. The official statement was 'You're listed as a high-level Sophomore with a great GPA'.

Thanks, but no cigar for this particular class ahora mismo, I guess.

I'll have to take it 'next year', when I'm listed as being an official Junior.

In addition, when I left school in 1998, I was Undeclared status, which now means that I have to meet with an academic advisor sometime next week, to declare my major as English, with a concentration in Writing. They also have to 'activate' my account/standing in order to register for the Summer Session.

What I'm really complaining about here, I guess, is that I can't immediately purchase and install Windows XP at the student discount rate (only $10!).


Arrived home in Indiana last night @ around 10:00pm (Eastern).

Unpacked the majority of today, then watched a few gems:

Mr. Wong and The Fatal Hour
Mr. Wong Detective

and, finally (but not least):

Beijing Bicycle.

Tom Brokaw (or 'Broken Jaw', as my dad so kindly refers to him) is retiring Dec. 1st of this year.

I'll be leaving either Saturday or Sunday to drive back home to Indiana.

The goal is to register for the summer session (and relax, too).

I haven't seen one of these in _years_:

Affliction is one of the most depressing movies I've ever seen.

Bleak (but good, in a way).

I set up an Evite today, and found this interesting disclaimer:

"Users of alcohol endorsed Evite designs must be of legal drinking age."

It's going to be a very long wait until The Village arrives, but I'm looking forward to it so much.

Here's hoping it doesn't disappoint me so, as Signs did.

Looks like SBC workers (union members of the CWA) will soon be on strike.

Netflix will 'soon' be offering online movie downloads.

I figured this would come some time, the market is already populated with companies like Movielink and Cinemanow

Get it while you can even remember who this idiot is:

I keep seeing this rediculous trailer for Sky Captain of the World and Tomorrow, and I wish I had a large batch of fiercely-rotten tomatoes to hurl at the screen.

Man I miss school so much...

Never in a million years would I have thought that Sun would be in bed with Microsoft.

Just goes to show you how times have changed.

Curb Your Enthusiasm has its moments, but unfortunately, not many.

I did, however, like the episode with the bracelet, the wire in the backyard, and Julia-Louis Dreyfuss. Still, it doesn't come close to the synergy of Seinfeld (because, it's really just Larry David with a few guest stars, and his wife).

Over the weekend, I watched The Shanghai Gesture, and I have to say I wasn't impressed. I could barely follow the plot, and the characters were pretty lame. Maybe it was a reflection of the time, or the budget, but it wasn't a film noir like I expected. Granted, it was filmed in 1941, but that's no excuse for a lame plot, or the heavy stereotypes.

Gateway just announced it's closing all of its retail stores.

And no, this is not an April Fool's joke.

Funny -

Even a year after Cable and Wireless of the United Kingdom acquired US-based Exodus, they didn't rename their router hostnames.

Now, with Savvis' acquisition of Cable and Wireless' US hosting business (essentially all of what used to be Exodus), the hostnames are now (as of today) renamed as Savvis.

Even better, is that organizations can now peer with AS3561.

'SAVVIS, Inc. has acquired and operates one of the largest IP networks (AS3561) in the world. Through the large footprint of AS3561 and the settlement free peering relationships of AS3561, a full Internet routing table is available to SAVVIS customers. In addition, AS3561 provides extremely low packet loss, jitter, and latency, while maintaining high availability, and a minimum number of AS hops to destinations worldwide.

The size and reach of AS3561 have compelled SAVVIS to develop a fair and equitable peering policy for new peering applicants. SAVVIS has elected to make the peering process as transparent as possible. Part of this is the posting our U.S. and European Peering Policies at this website in the very near future.'


I wonder if this changes their routing strategy severly, as they're similar to Internap, in that they have optimized BGP routes with MEDs and local prefs.

Gothika is actually a pretty standard 'Ghost wrongly killed' vengeance movie, but the subject matter is very strong in parts, and it's cleverly done.

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