Had a whirlwind of fun tonight as we tried to install Windows 2000 on my dad's machine.

We first were seeing critical errors, due to it not finding his IDE controller. Turns out his BIOS (ASUS) had some strange RAID setting for his separately partitioned hard drives.

Once we disabled that, we began to see errors with the Windows Catalog service (the service that populates the device drivers' tree).

Unable to resolve that (we tried the following suggestion but it failed to solve the issue), I found another Windows 2000 CD and began to install it.

It went well at first, but a few minutes later during device detection it started throwing up random alerts claiming that it couldn't read from the CD-ROM.

After confirming these dialogs, everything else worked, except the OS is prompting us to find the drivers for his Sony CD-RW and his Mitsushi DVD-ROM drives.

Oddly enough, the Windows Catalog service is not available/installed, so we can't find the drivers based on its database, and I'm so far not finding them online (discs are located somewhere in the basement).

Anyway, we're up and running for the most part, with all of his favorite applications working smoothly on the new NTFS partition.

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