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Is this the next generation of the Lexus IS 300?

AOL Time Warner just removed 'AOL' from their name.

What, AOL giving the company negative vibes? You're kidding me.

Very cool - a few really good-looking Microsoft Windows Longhorn screen shots - they're about a month old, but still...

Sign you're living in the Midwest -

You see a 15-year old kid wearing one of these inside of the local shopping mall.

Last night I saw Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and was slightly disappointed with this movie. Johnny Depp was great, as usual (I think his career is sky-rocketing right now), but the plot was uninspiring, and somehow the movie just didn't feel right. (Yes, I've seen Desperado, and what a great movie that was!)

Perhaps I've seen too many movies (Netflix says I've rated upwards of 3000 movies) and it takes a lot to impress me anymore.

Cabin Fever is one lame movie, and not because it was gross (which is was), but rather because the script was absolutely terrible.

Full of corny jokes, paper-thin characters, and it wasn't even scary, to boot.

The web and the internet feel stagnant to me. Other than weblogs, what other new technologies have pervaded them? Certainly nothing amazing over broadband.

Where are the massive web communities, etc? Yes, I know there's a few beta sites and whatnot, but they're slowly trickling in.

Now for the internet -

It's 2003 and DSL in most places is still slow and spotty in some areas.

VoIP looks to be coming soon, but we'll see how that all shakes out.

We just need fiber optics to the door and the internet will explode like never before.

Of course in Colorado, they already have 10mbps.


A few nights ago I saw The Order (which even though I read mixed reviews I was still anticipating highly). The movie indeed turned out to be pretty lame, but not due to concept; quite the contrary, it was a novel idea, but the delivery (and Ledger's terrible fake crying) left much to be desired.

If you're going to see it, do so for concept and you should be satisfied (but not fully).

Terrible horror movies I've seen also - Lost Souls and Bless the Child.

Oh, but of course the trailers always look so enticing.

I might begin reading some David Liss, A Conspiracy of Paper, to be precise, but I'm not sure, as I'm quite tired of reading for the moment.

Finished reading The Dante Club this morning, and I continue to be unimpressed with Historical Fiction in general, since first reading the excellent The Name of the Rose.

Don't misunderstand; Matthew Pearl is an excellent writer. where construction and flow of prose is concerned, but his mystery isn't compelling, nor his villain villainous. He's been compared directly to Caleb Carr, and that's an apt comparison, since both are great writers, but leave their antogonists lacking punch.

The new Acura 2004 TL is so dope.

Who knows, over time it may replace the Lexus IS 300 in my lusting heart.

As I predicted a while back, Internap has now acquired NetVMG.

Just got a new Tivo software update. I love it when that happens.


My brother Greg got spam telling him to visit Earthlink Verified and re-enter his credit card information, else his service was in jeopardy of being terminated. (He does indeed use Earthlink as his ISP).

Of course, this is clearly WORSE than spam, and while he and I obviously weren't fooled by the email, no doubt some unfortunate people will enter their credit card information and be taken sucker by this scam.

We've emailed Earthlink's security/fraud department, and also 'Earthlink Verified's upstream provider,

With any luck, this particular site will be shut down promptly, but I've no doubt that this type of fraud is rampant and will continue to be a problem.

Update: After searching Google for 'earthlink-verified', I came across this page -, which, by all appearances seems to be some lame hack trying to scam a bunch of credit card information.

Other than contacting his upstream provider, I wonder who I should contact about this?


For those of you who haven't been watching Paradise Hotel, you have no idea what you're missing.

It's like watching high-schoolers (and in many instances junior highers).

Except that the range of age is something like 21-30.

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I've seen a couple of movies recently:

Open Range - pretty good western, though of course you can't compare it to Tombstone, which is probably the finest western I've ever seen, bar none.

The Hunted - avoid this movie if you want plot development or strong characters. The movie offers neither, and is rushed in its delivery, making it feel like it's going through the motions. Even Tommy Lee Jones can't save it.

Cool, I just finished reading the last book in The Deptford Trilogy - World of Wonders, by Robertson Davies.

A good novel, perhaps, but I think other readers surely will get more out of it than I; I merely wanted to read to the end to find out 'who killed Boy Staunton?', and now I know.

Moving on, I'm beginning to read The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl.

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