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Familiarity breeds contempt.

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Finished up reading The Stranger by Albert Camus. Enjoyed it more at the end than the beginning to mid-section, as the crux of the novel is after he's imprisoned. Next up to read (when will I have time for this monster of a book?) is Foucault's Pendulum, by Umberto Eco.


I saw Tears of the Sun tonight - and it really hit home. Living in both Africa (Swaziland) and South Africa (New Germany/Durban) for 7 collective years, I witnessed and heard about many an atrocity. While the movie was no 'true Hollywood' powerhouse, it served as a poignant reminder of the turmoil that exists in Africa today (and throughout its history). The music was great, as was the cinematography. There were a few point of dialogs that were absolutely lame, but the movie's perspective and delivery were rather well executed.

Heh, AOLTW (my employer) and CogentCo have a peering dispute. You'll not read that on Slashdot or

Saw A Streetcar Named Desire tonight, and can't say I really cared for it. Yes, it was believable, yes, it showed true human character, but something still was discordant with me.

Oh, and I forgot how good the Alice Deejay album of old is!


In the 'I thought I was above email scams but apparently I'm still a moron' category, I _almost_ logged in to a page which had something as follows:

'You've received a love@AOL ad response, type your username and password and click Login to view it'.

1. Love@AOL is now provided by, instead of in-house.
2. I've long since removed any ads I may have had on either service.
3. As stated prior, I'm a moron.
4. 'Recieve' is, of course, spelled incorrectly.
5. The tracert for the IP address ends up in the Netherlends:

C:\Documents and Settings\stephend>tracert

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 182 ms 170 ms 163 ms []
2 161 ms 157 ms 163 ms []
3 162 ms 163 ms 157 ms []
4 169 ms 158 ms 150 ms []
5 316 ms 183 ms 156 ms []
6 730 ms 1128 ms 1397 ms []
7 171 ms 155 ms 1496 ms []
8 196 ms 229 ms 190 ms []
9 160 ms 163 ms 163 ms []
10 1053 ms 1374 ms 258 ms []
11 305 ms 301 ms 308 ms []
12 303 ms 308 ms 314 ms []
13 313 ms 314 ms 314 ms []
14 317 ms 314 ms 314 ms
15 330 ms 312 ms 314 ms []
16 311 ms 314 ms 314 ms []
17 310 ms 314 ms 314 ms
18 314 ms 314 ms 314 ms
19 311 ms 314 ms 314 ms
20 311 ms 314 ms 314 ms
21 314 ms * 318 ms
22 317 ms 314 ms 314 ms

Trace complete.

That'll teach me for making fun of noobs.

Murder, Inc (the movie), just didn't do it for me. It was based on a true story, which probably makes it all the less interesting ;-)

Finally got a chance to watch Stolen Summer - I wasn't impressed with it at all. The ending was inert, and I didn't find the characters all too believable. Perhaps it's because I'd seen them film the movie in Project Greenlight. I think there were other scripts (though I can't remember specifics, there were a few that I simply remember as being 'interesting') that subsequent Project Greenlights should cover.

Also watched on Friday night was The River Wild (it was on USA Network). What started off with promise and intrigue quickly turned into early-mid 90's movie dribble. I did like the scenery, though, and at least it wasn't as harsh as Deliverance (shudder). The latter could quite possibly be the most base camping movie you will ever see (but hey, watch it for the 'dueling banjos' scene alone...)

(Backtracking...) Thursday, I saw He Walked by Night, which inspired the Dragnet TV show and radio series. Quite an effective movie, and it's completely based on fact. It even had a very David Lynch-like moment, where the undercover detective is posing as a milkman, and comes across a lady who fears her landlord is poisoning her with the milk deliveries. It's very odd, for a 1950's movie.

Is there a natural law that says everytime I get a haircut, I must leave smelling like a basket of fruit? Conversely, why someone getting their haircut brought a basket of strawberries with them into the salon today is beyond me.

If I had my way, I'd work from 6 pm until 1-2 am everyday. It's really the best time for me to be productive. Actually I do a fair amount of my work this way.

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Before heading into work for the day today (yes, today, Sunday), I stopped off at the Mountain View Public Library and picked up The Stranger by Albert Camus and Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco. Camus's book shall be an easy read, I expect. At a mere 154 pages with small footprint and medium-sized type, I look forward to finishing this book in an evening. I've heard so much about it.

Umberto Eco's book will be far more of an endeavour, as its material is very deep and rich with symbolism (Umberto himself being a professor of semiotics). For the uninitiated, semiotics is defined by Webster as: a general philosophical theory of signs and symbols that deals especially with their function in both artificially constructed and natural languages and comprises syntactics, semantics, and pragmatics. Um, right ;-)

Sweet accomplishment. Tonight I finished reading The Lighthouse at the End of the World, which I enjoyed a lot. The idea to read this book sprung from an old rumor mill page at a David Lynch fan site. Interesting to note is that the book was supposed to have a movie script written for it back in 98/99, and yet there's no further mention of it in 2003. It's sparked my interest in Poe's writing again (read a few of his works in junior high), but I still think my next endeavour shall be Foucault's Pendulum, which is a monster of a book.

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