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Jason Jollins is an amazing

Jason Jollins is an amazing dark house DJ. Check out his sets here.

I really look forward to

I really look forward to receiving this CD in the mail.

Finally, I found someone that

Finally, I found someone that agrees with me on what a terrible movie The Red Violin is. Thank you Ian. Apparently, we also agreed on disliking Waking Life. Interesting that Ian and I would share such similar tastes.

Note the time of posting: 3:27 AM, and apparently, this Alluna Sleep formulation hasn't taken hold of me yet. Yes, I realize it's a gradual supplement, but I've taken it for a week with no perceivable effects.

I just wanted to mention

I just wanted to mention that about a year ago, I read Blindness, by Jose Saramago, and I recommend it. It's a tad claustrophobic and harsh in areas, but I appreciated the observations of human nature under duress.

By the way, this Blog is more for myself than for the casual reader (at least at the base of my intentions), though you're certainly welcome to peruse (uck, marketing-speak).

Also of interest is the recently acquired Lynch on Lynch, in which David's answers in an interview are quite interesting, revealing his unique perspective on most areas.

More reading of Flannery O'Connor's

More reading of Flannery O'Connor's The Violent Bear it Away. I'm a tad further than halfway through, and the crux of the story is beginning to be revealed. For those of you who've read it, or those who might be interesting in having the ideas distilled without reading the book itself, here's a good essay on the material.

Shame on The Onion for

Shame on The Onion for this 'humor'. I normally enjoy their off-beat humor, but not this time.

Hope you all had a

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving holiday. I finished the 2nd season of The Sopranos, and began watching the 3rd season, which is infinitely better, because it weaves the Feds into the plot so much more intricately.

Monday night I went indoor

Monday night I went indoor rock-climbing with John Gaunt at Planet Granite in Santa Clara. It was more fun than I anticipated. I was expecting a lot of dry instruction, followed by a lengthy test of some sort, but my instructor was a very cool guy who also conveyed instructions very well. Surprisingly, I wasn't as sore the next day as I thought I'd be - though my muscles were still tired. I did pretty well, all things considered. (Such as my poor body being hopelessly non-limber.)

Level3 just bought Genuity. I'd never guess that in a million years. Note that Genuity (formely BBN Planet) is one of the largest Tier 1 backbone providers (meaning they don't lease their bandwidth from anyone), and was the original pioneer in ARPANet. Take a look at this timeline of the 1970's... Now I wonder when XO Communications and Globix will be acquired (since both are in Chapter 11).

Ha! Speedera issued this press release which makes fun of Akamai.

My surprise with this story

My surprise with this story is not that the aide quit, but rather that A) it's a female B) 'she' looks like she's wearing a racoon hat.

Man, Armin Van Buuren is

Man, Armin Van Buuren is just the best melodic trance DJ the world has ever known. Paul Van Dyk, as good as he is, doesn't hold a candle.

Made good headway on my

Made good headway on my JavaScript homework. Also finished reading Mr. Vertigo. The book was a brief exercursion into a more reflective, pensive state than his other works (of which I've only read City of Glass, Ghosts, and The Locked Room, which comprise The New York Trilogy).

I'm not sure which I'll read next:

The Book of Illusions
Sailor's Holiday: The Wild Life of Sailor and Lula
Franz Kakfa: The Complete Stories
In the Country of Last Things
The Violent Bear it Away.

I think I'm leaning towards the latter.

Productive day, so far. Triaged

Productive day, so far. Triaged a fair number of oldish Mail bugs, and got the following working:

Linux - grub.conf - I changed the default boot order and the timeout setting.

Windows - set the autocomplete pref in the command.exe shell on Win2k finally. To do this, search using regedit for 'command processor' and change the value of 'CompletionChar' to 9.

And, thanks to the mighty Sean Su, he figured out that my install of Cygwin was bad ('thanks' to the pre-fab setup I received with the new system) and now I'm able to build again.)

The 'genuises' at Hanes have

The 'genuises' at Hanes have come up with an idea I've been doing for close to 25 years now, tagless undershirts.

Nice-looking Windows Longhorn images leaked.

If you have as many

If you have as many backlogged DVDs, TV shows and books to read as I do, then you'll know how sweet weekends are. 24 was good tonight, and set up a lot of the things to come... Smallville, however, was lackluster.

This weekend, I'm looking forward to catching up on Season Two of Sopranos. As far as reading goes, once I've finished up with Mr. Vertigo, I'll start on either Moon Palace, Kafka: The Complete Stories or The Wild Life of Sailor and Lula.

I received a brand new

I received a brand new Dell Latitude laptop at work, and let me tell you, I'm in love.

Specs: 1.8Ghz Pentium 4, 1 GB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce 4, DVD and CD-RW.

Finally (as though I wanted

Finally (as though I wanted to complete it, which I didn't), I finished watching the Band of Brothers mini-series from HBO.

Tomorrow, I plan on seeing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

"Hello". "Hi there, I'd like

"Hi there, I'd like to speak to a Mr. Stephen Donner."
"This is he."
"Mr. Donner, I'd like to confirm your current address of..."
"That's correct, what is the nature of your call?"
"Today I'd like to tell you about the Discover card's benefits over other cards."
"I already know about Discover cards, and already own two credits cards". (The latter portion of this statement being an outright lie.)
"Mr. Donner, if you'd just give me a moment to explain..."
"Please don't waste your time or mine, I'm not interested."
"I'll make a note of that, thanks for your time."

Of course, this conversation wasn't quite as linear. It was fraught with "I'm sorry, please repeat", and several stammerings by the voice on the other end.

Hence my purchase tonight of the TeleZapper.

Enjoy the rest of your 8 pm dinner.

Here's a review from

Here's a review from of the new David Gray album.

I'll be reading Mr. Vertigo

I'll be reading Mr. Vertigo this weekend, hopefully.

How good it is to

How good it is to begin reading seriously, again.

On Sunday, growing more weary of television, I decided to read The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster. I highly recommend it, especially if you're into David Lynch.

"Good people with a good

"Good people with a good process will outperform good people with no
process every time."

-- Grady Booch

What kind of quote is that? I realize the guy is smart, but that is a lame quote. The logic doesn't seem to be there, clearly.

Here's my version, which is just as lame:

"Good mustard on a good hotdog tastes better than a good hotdog."

If the quote was intended to strive that process is important, there surely have to be better ways to do so.

Shame on me for laughing

Shame on me for laughing at this, but it's terribly funny.

The new David Gray cd is really kicking. If you've got broadband, give it a listen.

Last night I watched the atrocious Scooby-Doo movie. Now, I realize that this was a movie remake of a classic cartoon, and it could never be as good as the original, but they took bad series translation to a whole new low.

Shaggy and Scooby have gross-out contests, there are several crude references (I guess this wasn't a kids' movie after all), and the story was oh-so-lame. And to add insult to injury, they're making a sequel. Congratulations, Hanna-Barbara, you now know what it feels like to sell your soul.

This awful taste in my mouth was quickly offset by the excellent Band of Brothers. It's definitely the best war drama I've ever viewed, so far.

For all of us Tivo

For all of us Tivo owners, here's a look at the innards.

I've started watching The Sopranos

I've started watching The Sopranos (on DVD from Netflix), and found it to be one of the best original series. I just finished the 1st disc of the 1st Season last night.

This is a KILLER trance

This is a KILLER trance CD - Yashitoshi - In House We Trust 2.

In recent days I've seen

In recent days I've seen a few movies:
Changing Lanes - which was just _okay_, but it certainly wasn't a bad movie. It had a point to make about gray lines in morality. Also viewed was Sum of All Fears, which (again) wasn't bad, but didn't draw me into the situation very well. Two Ben Affleck movies in one night is just too much. (Just like one Antonio Banderas movie will last you a lifetime.)

A couple days ago I saw Seance on a Wet Afternoon, which I enjoyed less than I expected. The acting was top-notch, but the script wasn't compelling. Don't expect Hitchcock.

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