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I'm just sitting here (at

I'm just sitting here (at work), literally waiting for Peoplestage (our internal staging server for the homepages at Netscape) to update my JavaScript class homework, so I can submit it.

While I'm sitting here, I'll blog about this weekend, which was action-packed with driving, movies and good eats.

My oldest brother visited, and we saw a few cool attractions around the Bay Area.

Saturday was San Francisco. We started off investigating Red Bull's Flugtag event, but the anti-war protests were happening, so we stopped there for a good while (nothing like a good rally to fuel my Rage Against the Machine desire) and next continued on to Fisherman's Wharf.

Some fun stuff, that Wharf. We saw some really excellent break-dancers, a guy who hides behind bushes and attempts to startle oncoming passerbys who calls himself "The Bushman", some white-trash guy and his accomplice, who stows-away in a trash can so that only his head is visible (and demands a handsom ransom should you want to take a photo memento).

Best of all, though, were these cool-looking 'humanoids'. I only call them that because they were spray-painted silver and kept to very minimal and mechanical robot motions. In fact, I remained convinced one was a statue for the longest time.

That was pretty much it for Saturday, barring some tasty burgers at In-n-Out (double-double, animal-style, please!).

Sunday we lounged, and Monday we were off to see Berkeley's campus. I am at a loss for why Jerry Seinfeld's Comedian isn't in a wide-release. We looked for it while in Berkeley, but to no avail.

I've led such the hectic life lately. Weekend notwithstanding, I was slightly behind at work last week, as well. My aforementioned JavaScript class is taking more time and resources than I had expected. Also, today and tomorrow I'm taking an XML primer from New Horizons (on campus). Looking forward to actually getting work accomplished this weekend (how strange, I know).


It's very cool that Mozilla

It's very cool that Mozilla has been translated into 2 languages I'm familiar with from my childhood (growing up in both Swaziland and South Africa): Xhosa and Zulu.

Don't forget that the series

Don't forget that the series finale (since the show was abruptly axed) of Push, Nevada is this Thursday at 9 pm PST.

Here's the summary:

"Jim's Domain"
Life returns to normal for Jim as he heads back to Carson City and a big promotion. But loose ends keep him wondering � has the mystery of Push, Nevada really been solved?

According to ABC's Hyperion Books division, they've cancelled the only book that would explain the town's mysteries.

Maybe Speedera is weighing in

Maybe Speedera is weighing in on them moreso than I first imagine, but from Akamai's Press page:

'This morning, Akamai implemented a 29 percent reduction in its global workforce, expecting to end the year with 550 employees, while realigning its go-to-market and service offerings to focus on its most productive enterprise opportunities.'

Ouch. Couple that with recent layoffs at Sun and Lucent amid this economy and you've got unpleasantness all around.

If you are a Tivo

If you are a Tivo owner like myself, you will no doubt be lusting over the new Sony SVR-3000, which retails at $449. I own a lifetime subscription to the Tivo service, so it wouldn't be frugal for me to buy a new unit and then have to suit it up with yet another service plan. Let's just hope I have 'sudden Tivo failure' in my old unit.

Well now, it has been

Well now, it has been a while since I've updated my blog, but I'm not about to apologize to anyone for that. I've been extremely busy with work (and in this economy, that's a terribly good problem to have to deal with).

Last night I saw Insomnia, and I must admit the atmosphere of the movie impressed me, but I still didn't find it compelling. One of the reasons I felt it weird was that you knew the perpetrator upfront (and that he was guilty), and I'm just not used to having that plot element brought forward. I think I've been spoiled by the David Lynch, David Fincher, David Mamet and the Alfred Hitchcocks of the world.

Christopher Nolan didn't write this though, he simply directed, so his plot-writing skills weren't used. Note that his movie Memento is one of the most intriguing movies of all time.

Now that X-Files is solely running in syndication, I've been trying to catch up by watching it on TNT.

I also watched Shadow of a Doubt Friday night, and it was decent, but North by Northwest comes to mind as a much superior flick. Check this page for a full listing of Hitchcock's film cameos.

Next up to watch tonight: Thunderheart and The Cassandra Crossing.

The problem with high expectations

The problem with high expectations is that they have to be met with an equal or greater actuality. In all aspects, The Royal Tenenbaums failed for me:

It wasn't funny.
It made light of suicide, among other off-themes.
It wasn't dramatic to me, because I didn't connect with the characters.

Forgive me for being unpopular, but the movie stunk.

It's time to watch The

It's time to watch The Royal Tenenbaums which is met with dire expectations on my part.

Saw The Ring over the

Saw The Ring over the weekend, and it was a pretty good classic-styled horror movie, in that it kept you on your toes, so to speak. I can't really compare it to anything that I've seen so far. Suffice it to say, it's unique and worth a look.

While watching The Transporter yesterday, I noticed the trailer for Phone Booth, which has an article on Salon.com about its timing.

Sweet! Going to watch the

Sweet! Going to watch the sneak preview of The Ring tonight at 7:30 (Shoreline theater).

Re: Survivor, I was _so_ glad to see her go. In addition, I'd like to see that redneck Clay get voted off next week.

It happened. Push, Nevada is

It happened. Push, Nevada is now cancelled, but they'll air 3 remaining episodes, and will still contractually give away the $1,045,000.

This is great news. Akamai

This is great news. Akamai and my parent company have reached an agreement to place and use Akamai's servers all throughout our network and web properties.

MSN 8.0 Preview.

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I'm not expecting much from

I'm not expecting much from Birds of Prey, but we'll see how it does.

The inevitable will occur soon

The inevitable will occur soon - Push, Nevada will either get cancelled or moved to a new network - article. I'm hedging my bets on the former. Kudos to the idiotic ABC executives who put a new show against CSI: Miami.

In case the show gets cancelled, here are the remaining episode titles:

6. Numbers
7. The Oracle
8. Place your bet
9. In memory of...
10. Down below
11. The flood
12. Past and present

While you're at it, why not order the book that reveals the town's mysteries, since we'll probably not see the remaining shows.

Saw a bunch of movies

Saw a bunch of movies over this weekend -

The Fog - not too bad, for an 80's flick, The Count of Monte Cristo - pretty darn good, but I haven't read the book, to compare, Brotherhood of the Wolf - also not bad, but the wolf was pretty hokey looking ;-), Tell Me Something - way, WAY too gross (I should've read the IMDB description before renting/watching) and Clockwatchers - this movie simply passed the time.

Last night's viewing was Murder

Last night's viewing was Murder by Numbers and House of Games. I figured out the plot of the latter rather quickly, but that didn't spoil the movie for me, as I enjoyed the character dynamics towards the end, and it had a rather good ending. I recommend you see it. Murder by Numbers was moderately good, but a little long for what it needed to accomplish, and it wasn't as gripping/serious as I'd hoped it to be - but the actors played their parts well, and the script wasn't all that bad.

Push, Nevada, for those of you playing at home, had this clue for the 4th episode:

Figured it out.

'Peter Pan'.

In the opening credits, there is the string 'Tixiv Ter".

If you shift letters 4 places each to the left:

You get 'Peter Pan'. If you're wondering by which abitrary method I came about this conclusion, here it is:

In the first episode, we saw "dmvf.com", which, shifted by 1-character, spells clue.com. Remember that the website gives us both the first and the second clues.

Amazing. "Honestly, I didn't know

Amazing. "Honestly, I didn't know that cigarettes were bad for me". Hey, while we're on this topic, can I sue Netflix.com for health damages due to loss of sleep? Come on, people.

Ode to my poor neglected

Ode to my poor neglected RedHat 8.0 box: soon, my friend, I shall be utilizing your so fine Vi editor more proficiently. Hence, my recent purchase of 'Learning the Vi Editor (6th Edition).

Also, to pay homage to my tech-savvy co-worker Ian Oeschger (and, more importantly, to acquire and apply newfound knowledge of Mozilla's internals), I decided to place an order for Creating Applications with Mozilla, of which Ian is a co-author.

People say I watch too

People say I watch too much TV. Incorrect. I actually watch too many DVDs emanating from Netflix's headquarters in San Jose. I watch on average 8-10 movies per week. Yes, that's a _lot_. Eyeball rot is due any minute now.

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