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The Old Man beat me

The Old Man beat me 5/5 in games of Horse, and I'd like to say that he relied too much on his 'one-handed reverse layup' shot. I do realize, however, that had I concocted a shot that would've led me to glory, I probably would have done the same thing.

Tonight, while chatting with my

Tonight, while chatting with my father over ICQ, he used the word intransigent. Man, I have never heard that word used in my life, much less from someone in my family. Too cool. If this was Sesame Street or Pee Wee's Playhouse, I'd say today's secret word is 'intransigent', but it's not so I won't.

If you see any typos

If you see any typos on my blog, please do scream at me. I've realized lately that my formerly stylistic prose has been overshadowed by bantor acquired from gents at work.

Netscape Network has now officially

Netscape Network has now officially launched. I can rest now.

Sigh. Read this. Malice was

Sigh. Read this.

Malice was the movie of the night last night, and while it wasn't entirely predictable, it also wasn't that great.

Last night I saw 'High

Last night I saw 'High Crimes', starring two of my favorite stars (though for entirely different reasons), Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman. It was basically 1/2 courtroom drama and 1/2 'other stuff' - this other stuff being flashbacks and the usual plot twists, though none of it was really compelling. It was akin to 'Rules of Engagement' with Tommy Lee Jones, but that movie actually had an agenda, and that was to question the definition of a war crime, and who the enemy often is. You know, lately script-writers and directors think just having a plot twist suffices for good movie-making. I beg to differ, as you also have to pull it off effectively. A movie that does this _particularly_ well is David Mamet's The Spanish Prisoner'.

Enjoyed this past evening was also Tracy Morgan's One Mic standup routine.

I got dogged for blogging about sandwich sizes by John Gaunt. Hey John? At least I blog frequently, unlike Kerz and Stuart. Besides, if you don't want to hear about sandwich sizes, just don't read it. I swear I'm not bitter.

I'm a similar vein, I can tell already that Ian is going to blow us all away in the realm of blogs with his Brown Hen site.

I was under fire today

I was under fire today during lunch for my 'collection' of logos, but I really don't care. I'm not embarassed of the fact that I keep up with the technology sector's news. I seem to recall someone telling us how he knows too much about Sun Microsystems. The companies that I look at are into content, performance and unique ways to solve difficult problems. For instance, one company (Peribit) uses MSR technology to actually reduce WAN traffic by eliminating repetitive data in packets. People watch interesting shows on The Discovery Channel or TLC all the time, why wouldn't you be interested in something that could affect the underpinnings of the net.

Every news story linked

Every news story linked under 'Technology Headlines' at 404's. Sigh.

Kevin Max is a great artist - I appreciate his style the most of all the other DC Talk solo artists' efforts.

Always a joy to read

Always a joy to read Peter Lairo's constructive posts. Looking at his filed bug list, it's not hard to reason why most (if not all) of us ignore him.

Saw We Were Soldiers last

Saw We Were Soldiers last night, and I've got to admit, it was pretty good. It's no Saving Private Ryan, but then again, what is?

Ate at Togo's tonight, and met with an annoyance - if you order a 'regular' sandwich, you end up getting a 'small'. So, if you want a 'regular', you've got to order a 'large'. Cappiche?

It's cool working on this FTP leak bug, hopefully these leak logs will help. Oh, and in the process, I found an Array Bounds Read. Yay ;-(

Blogging gets tough a few

Blogging gets tough a few weeks in, unless you're really steadfast in your committment to maintain it. With that said, I hope tonight's post will satisfy.

Here are some very nice looking pics of MSN 8.0. The screenshots are massive, so I dare you to try that on a modem.

For those of you painfully unaware of what great gaming was had on the old Commodore 64 systems (and if you're of the literary-type and just enjoy good prose) check this out. I remember drawing maps, writing down clues, and typing in simple text commands such as 'smack George', 'follow Betty', 'examine rug', etc. until the cows came home. No, wait, I actually did never finish an Infocom game ever. Of all of those games, Deadline was by far the most fun, and I almost beat it, but a few clues slipped past my ever-vigilant mind.

Last night I engaged my eyeballs in watching John Q. Oh, and I finished reading Cryptonomicon 2 nights prior. So since I'm finished with that, I thought I'd get around to finishing up Snow Crash, seeing as I'd actually started that prior to picking up Crypto.

According to Netflix, I have We Were Soldiers waiting for me at home. Perhaps I should quit blogging and go see it.

Why am I not surprised this chick who allowed her children to become severly sunburned is from the Midwest? Oh wait, I mostly grew up in Indiana. Hrm...

Rise oh stock price, rise.

Where oh where, did this company come from? I've started seeing their commercials all over TV now.

Today playing horse with Stuart

Today playing horse with Stuart and John, I beat them both. The amazing thing is that I actually made shots, pretty accurately, I might add. Of course, next time we play, I'll lose miserably.

I can't wait until we ship this. I've been on the MOZILLA_1_0_BRANCH for _way_ too long, and it's time for a rest. I also am excited to see what shape the trunk is in. I bet it's really fast, but broken pretty severely.

The new My Netscape doesn't look 1/2 bad, but they really should fix a few UI issues (sizing of popup windows when you edit the Weather content panel, for instance.), as well as fix their spelling error 'function colapseservice(id)'. Guys, please learn how to spell.

In light of all of the kidnappings that are receiving press time, doesn't this occur all the time? By what critieria does the Associated Press and other orgs escalate crimes?

Interesting article about MSN in general.

I am now heading home to finish reading my epic quest, the book known to the world affectionately as Cryptonomicon.

Last night I watched The

Last night I watched The Princess and the Warrior (which was enjoyable and slightly unique with regards to the romantic plot) with Franke Potente of Run Lola Run fame. Also viewed was Captain Correlli's Mandolin, which wasn't all that great, either. Diva was pretty standard plot-wise, but the camera work was good and it had a decent pace.

You know, I'm getting tired of reading Cryptonomicon, but I'm planning on finishing it this weekend (on page 733 of 910). To be fair to Neil Stephenson, I should also finish the latter half of Snow Crash, since it has been over a year since I've read the 1st half, and I hear it's among his finest work.

The book Blindness was never near this much a chore, so maybe it _is_ Neil's fault for detailing every nuance.

I just quit my subscription to Fortune Magazine because I realized that all of the articles (in their entirety!) are available conveniently on their website.

I have been using nearly everyday for a couple years, and yet haven't won anything. I am unlucky.

I saw Blue Crush yesterday (as a matinee), and have only this to say - the movie was as good as I had expected it to be. In attendance in the theater with me was Brian, Stuart, Blake, John, and oh, that guy from Apple.

This Sony Dolby Digital/dts home theater receiver looks so cool. Perhaps I should acquire it to accompany my 32" Sony WEGA TV and my Sony Progressive Scan DVD player. I must admit that Sony's silver line of Audio/Video components is quite nicely engineered and very aesthically pleasing as well.

Geico, my car insurance company, continues to impress me. If you're considering a new policy, I'd check them out (and for me, they were even cheaper than Progressive).

Telseon was recently acquired by OnFiber, and I bet Cogent is next for acquisition.

Nice 'car'. Beneath all that lovely mass lies a Lexus IS 300.

Someone should hire this guy to redesign

Okay, yesterday I basically worked,

Okay, yesterday I basically worked, and then just watched 2 movies from Netflix - Amelie (which was really good), and Rites of Passage, which was pretty lame.

Okay, I arrived from my

Okay, I arrived from my vacation 2 days ago, and am now back in Mountain View, CA (where I belong). Saint Louis International Airport was interesting, and I had the best pretzel there I've ever had in my entire life. Too bad it was served up by a gentleman who couldn't correctly detect the difference between $100.00 and $10.00 when giving the guy in front of me change back. Apparently, decimal-place shifting is rampant and affects so many people.

I saw this article coming a mile away (as has anybody who has been working on/using Mozilla/Netscape 7.0) Thankfully, there is this XPI that lets you bring Netscape back to Mozilla's prefs in this regard.

I watched Heist last night and it definitely wasn't up to Mamet quality.

This is good stuff:

Thanks to Ben for the image of Kerz. But Ben, you forgot about my birthday as well (on the 9th).

TV shows I watch:

Road Rules, Real World, Crank Yankers (seldom) and of course Smallville.

Just got back from Area2 Festival, and Faisal and I saw John Digweed spin. Pretty good set overall, sounded like Yunis and Deep Dish, which is always good. Just as we left, he played some track which I hadn't heard yet, and it was very good. Melodic, yet progressive.

Anthony Davis needs to learn proper English usage - 'except' vs. 'accept'. Yes, Anthony, the rest of us learned the difference in what, 5th grade?

(8/8/2002) we spent the good

(8/8/2002) we spent the good portion of the day shopping at the Michigan City Lighthouse Outlet Malls. Outlet malls get really old fast; nothing is in my size, or it's too bland or outlandish for me to desire. Sigh, I can't figure out how to add this entry to create a post for the 8th.

Attended church today.

Attended church today.

Just finished watching XXX -

Just finished watching XXX - the movie, not the genre ;-) Better than I had expected (but that's not saying much, considering expectations were pretty low). During the trailers, saw a preview for The Ring, which looks intriguing and features Naomi Watts, of Mulholland Drive fame.

This new Peer to Peer client looks good - Xolox. Also, Winamp 3 has been released, and yes, it rocks.

For those of you who have read the 'doom and gloom' reports surrounding WorldCom's demise and its affect on the internet's stability, consider this:

WorldCom owns and operates the following as a backbone operator:


Lest you think some other company can provide this much coverage, consider this: most of the other 'backbone' companies are bankrupt or near, such as XO Communications,, is close, was acquired by Cogent Communications (which doesn't seem to have much of a future), etc. For those of you who are wondering why I talk so much about ISPs, I used to work for ElkhartNet, but more importantly, I saw my friend from high school start his own ISP, which he has long since sold. While I'm ranting on ISPs, Internap doesn't seem to be doing so well either, and that's a company that I'd really like to see excel.

Today is my birthday (yes,

Today is my birthday (yes, I'm that dreaded age of 25). We ate at Applebee's, and I had Honey Pepper Salmon. Said goodbye to my oldest brother Jeff, as he's soon off to New Mexico State University to do Grad work. I have no idea what I'll do this evening, but I'm already bored, which isn't good. Also, I have no car with which to transport myself to more interesting locations. Perhaps tonight I'll attempt to progress much further in Cryptonomicon. I'm at page 600 of 910. I'm probably going to watch either XXX or Blood Work tonight.

In the land of Mozilla/Netscape, this will be the bug to check out for Mail.

Picked up the new Our

Picked up the new Our Lady Peace CD, 'Gravity'- just so I can set 'Somewhere out there' on repeat and listen to it until I've memorized every chord progression in the song. I woke up around 9am, and we all actually made it to The Dunes on-time. My memory served me correctly, and we found West Beach and swam there for slightly less than a couple of hours. After walking in the scalding sand for 30 minutes or so, we decided to serve our bellies and grab a bite to eat. Arby's was the vendor of choice, and I sufficed with a BLT. In the parking lot near Arby's (this was in Michigan City), I glanced upon my beloved IS 300. My Chris Fortier CD (see below) better arrive tomorrow, lest I spout off into a fit of rage and seek the bottleneck in what is usually a decent delivery system. (USPS). On a totally random note, let me declare that I believe RouteScience and Peribit to be the 2 most influential companies in the way routing is conducted - until further implementations of BGP are instituted.

They work like this:

RouteScience monitors all of your BGP-4 peering routes and constantly and tranparently optimizes your own BGP-4 tables for performance, packet loss, etc. BGP-4 by itself is only aware of a few factors, most notably the AS hop count. Essentially, if you have router 'A', which knows about 'B', which is 1 hop away but has 70ms latency and 'C', which is 2 hops away but only has 30ms latency, BGP-4 would still choose to route through 'B'. RouteScience would quickly update your table, and your data would pass through C, with less latency and thus of course greater efficiency.

On an even more impressive note, Peribit actually works at the Network Layer (Level 3) of the OSI model, stripping out redundant data, and then reassembling and retransmitting it...

In relating network blogging, I predict that Level 3 Networks will pick up a lot of customers from the recent Global Crossing and WorldCom fiascos.

Kerz, if you're reading this, can you link me to Mozillazine's Weblogs page? I promise I'll be updating this blog regularly.

I really can't wait for

I really can't wait for the mail to arrive here tomorrow - Chris Fortier's Bedrock CD should be arriving. Back in Mountain View, CA, my mailbox has 6 Netflix titles and Anthony Pappa's Resolutions and Kasey Taylor's Balance. It's 1 am here, (which is only 11 pm CA time), and so I should be off to bed. If I wake up on time, it's off to Indiana Dunes for some old-fashioned sun-worshipping, Indiana style.

I'm on vacation, and our

I'm on vacation, and our stock price plummets to $9.90 a share. Frisky is going to _hate_ me for this, but I'm actually enjoying Bedrock, mixed by Jimmy Van M.

I'm heading off to Michigan

I'm heading off to Michigan really soon now, to join up with some friends in Grass Lake. I slept fairly well last night, which is good, because I haven't slept more than 6 hours prior in 48...once we arrive, I expect we'll start fragging to Soldier of Fortune II:Double Helix on their 10/100 home LAN, which will be quite enjoyable.

So, I just finished watching

So, I just finished watching Signs, and I've got to say that while it was built up fairly well, in the end it was quite a disappointment. Contributing especially to my disapproval was the usage of extremely stupid sight gags and corny jokes - those of you who have seen this movie know to which scenes I'm referring. If you don't want to 'ruin' this movie, don't read the next part, because I'm going to publicly declare my distaste for his ending:

I long suspected that it was his daughter somehow - her strange aversion to water, and her wavering emotions (one minute she's scared, the next she's brave). M. Night throws us all for a loop here, specifically mentioning her 'big eyes' - of course this feature is attributed to all aliens. Even though this turned out not to be the case, if it had been, I would have been far more satisfied than the feckless 'water and baseball bats can defeat a menacing alien' ending.



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