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September 19, 2005

Logo contest closing next week

Since we'll need some time to choose a logo from all the logo submissions we've received and create derivative artwork for the browser before doing a SeaMonkey 1.0 Beta release (planned for some time around October 5th), we will stop accepting submissions for the logo contest after Monday next week - the deadline is 2005-09-26 23:59 PDT. Be sure to submit your logos by then!

Posted by CTho at September 19, 2005 6:53 PM


= 2005-09-27 06:59 UTC
(I'm like a big maths-doing public service.)

Posted by: Greg K Nicholson at September 19, 2005 7:46 PM

is there any deadline for the decision?

Posted by: kosmar at October 4, 2005 4:32 AM

It's been four week since logo contest closing. What are the results?

Posted by: Artem Tashkinov at October 18, 2005 6:18 AM

which October 5th did you mean?

Posted by: just curious at November 3, 2005 8:55 AM

So who won and what is the logo your going to use?

Posted by: Jessica at November 12, 2005 9:05 PM