August 21, 2009

It's mine, I want it

My beloved 7 year old DirecTivo finally gave up the ghost. Some channels were just unwatchable, though oddly most were fine. We repositioned the dish, we checked the signal at every connection, everything was perfect except the reception on certain channels. Normally I'd be ok with losing Oxygen, but it also happened on ESPN. Not being able to watch PTI w/out pixelation was the final straw.

Now that it's been replaced by the DirecTV DVR-from-hell (which I already had in the basement, and still don't care for), I need to reprogram my Pronto remote control in order to be able to drive it (you try explaining to the others why you need one remote to change channels and another to adjust the volume). However, the PeeCee I used to configure the remote the last time is out of rotation. That's ok, I told myself, the ProntoEdit software will let me pull the config off the remote and into a new setup.

Except it won't.

Apparently, at the request of pro installers who were tired of their clients taking their work and making changes w/out getting mo' $$$, Philips removed the ability to pull the config off the remote. It's mine, I made it, I have full rights to it, but I have no ability to access it. If I never had this ability, I'd be more ok, but they explicitly removed it to prevent a situation other than the one I'm in. That chaps my hide. Booooooo Philips!

Now I have to pray I can still get the old machine to give up the config (good thing I didn't get rid of it entirely!), and until then, the others get to use two remotes. I already miss my DirecTivo, but I can again see the penguin dance in full glory.

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August 16, 2009

Food Network Fail

Dear Food Network,

Please stop stretching all the content on Food Network HD. I don't like watching fat people with fisheye camera pans. It makes me sea sick, and by the way, it's 2009. You should know better.


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