June 1, 2008

Molé Molé Molé

In less than eight hours, one of my favorite reality game shows will be be re-airing on Fox Reality: The Mole, Season One. Right up there with the first season of Survivor, The Mole helped define reality TV and is, IMHO, one of the most influential shows of recent time.

The premise is the usual group of contestants competing for the usual prize, but with one crucial twist: one of them isn't competing at all. The Mole's job is to fuck it up for everyone else so that the challenges go haywire and the winner doesn't get as much $$$ as they ultimately should. However, nobody knows the identity of the saboteur, and it's that person's job to keep everyone guessing right up to the end. If they're too obvious, the game's no fun. Each week, all contestants (even The Mole) answer questions about the identity of The Mole and the person who gets the fewest correct answers gets the proverbial boot. At the end, there are three left: two contestants and The Mole.

I won't ruin it for you, because you should be watching it, but I'll give you another reason to watch it: Lord Anderson Cooper. Once again, I'm straight, but god he's dreamy. Dream-my. There have been other iterations of this show, but he makes Season One with his presence and wit. Nothing is better than the one where he shows them how to pour wine without spilling a drop (because he was once a starving waiter). That's bravado, and even though he spills the wine, he stills pulls it off. I mean come on. He's Lord Anderson Cooper. He could pull off thermonuclear war.

No Stuart, this isn't Parking Wars. This really is good television.

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