February 23, 2008


Knight Rider is just a poorly written Ford commercial. I'm not sure why they bothered. Val Kilmer sounds fat. But he's still cool.

The Lost Room is incredible. I'm only at the end of the 2nd episode, but I'm hooked and I wish there was more more more. And it's not just Peter Krause (even though he so darn dreamy). Don't hate!

I'm hooked on podcasts now that the AppleTV can browse and play them directly online. Very very cool. I'm a bit disappointed that most of the rentals (even the HD ones) from the Apple store aren't in Dolby Digital 5.1. Why would I bother then if I can get it in 5.1 from Netflix? Hopefully that'll change over time, but for now it seems underwhelming. It does seem otherwise well executed besides that.

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