November 29, 2007

I'm A Gadgeteer

I've been the lead on two teams now for the last 6 months. Google Desktop Search you all know about, but today I'm pleased to announce the fruits of labor from the other team: Google Gadgets for Mac OS X.

I love Dashboard and use it several times a day, every day, but I understand that some people don't. For those that do, however, I think you'll really enjoy the expanded selection of widgets that Google Gadgets provides for Dashboard. Our application makes it easy to find new gadgets and the list is always updating so you don't have to scour the web to find the latest and greatest. For developers, it further reduces the barrier to writing a single gadget that covers multiple platforms as the same gadgets that run on Windows now run on Mac OS X!

The blog post should be up shortly, but you can already go download it!

UPDATE: Google Code Blog and Google Mac Blog

November 18, 2007


Joana sent me some absolutely hysteric links. They're surprising addictive. I couldn't stop watching, one led to another, then another.

Yup, she loves me.

I wonder why we don't get stuff like this on US TV. Instead we get DOG the Bounty Hunter. Oh wait, I watch that.

I did a clean re-install on my laptop and now it's....better. At first, no UI service would recognize my password, I had to drop to a shell and use "passwd" to reset it (to the same thing) and then it was fine. Now Dashboard randomly takes up 10% of the CPU drawing PDF shapes deep in WebKit until I show and hide it again. Great way to ruin my battery life.

Thankfully the Backup utility worked like a charm, as advertised. Restored everything perfectly to the new account.

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November 9, 2007


I took Keiko in for her yearly bloodwork and to look at a lump on her neck. It was nothing, just a cyst which is apperantly normal for cats with dark pigmented skin. I got the call tonight for her bloodwork and the vet assistant told me her amylase was high, but it's always been high, so it's not anything to worry about. I asked if it might have been tied to the two bouts of bladder stones (at $1300 a pop) and she stammered that they were unrelated issues. Sensing weakness, I went in for the kill, asking if there was anything I should be on the lookout for regarding the high levels. The poor girl was clearly out of her comfort zone and mumbled something about how I probably wouldn't notice anything if they went up or down, or if they changed at all. Well ok, I'll make sure I watch for that. She said I should always be on the lookout for....get this...lethargy. It's a *cat*. Now I'm wondering if she's seen a cat before. I let up, however, and thanked her for the call. At the time of this writing, Keiko is being lethargic on my lap.

Living without a Finder is interesting. I've taken to recklessly ripping out USB keys without any hint of regret. I've noticed that Leopard pegs my CPU to 100% far more often doing things I would have considered normal before, such as importing photos, web browsing, or glancing casually at the machine. Perhaps one day I'll have a Finder. Perhaps one day I'll own an island.

New roommate on Real World. I'm sorry Shavoun, get a new man. He's bad times. What else am I into these days? 30 Rock, Survivor, Office, Kitchen Nightmares, Las Vegas, Kid Nation, and a new season (that's right!) of Everest!!!! Two of them are back for more certain death, and we've got front row seats! It's hysteric (sic) watching the sherpas summit every day or two, setting ropes and doing rescues on a whim, while these hapless climbers can barely make it from one camp to the next with weeks of rest in between.

Maybe Keiko could summit, she has high amylase. I hear that helps. Or it doesn't.

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November 4, 2007

More suck

The CPU usage seems to be a lot higher just idling. Rolling over the dock uses as much as 50% cpu on my pb G4. Goodbye battery.

Speaking of the dock, don't bother putting something useful like Applications in it. You get the big (sloooow) grid that pops up, and if what you're looking for isn't in the first 40 or so, there's no way to get to it short of showing the window in the finder, which you have to hunt around for. I wish I could opt out of it for certain folders.

Also, what's the point of badging it with the first document icon in the folder? Why not just use the Applications folder icon? Oh that's right, all the folder icons look the same now, with washed out logos so you can't tell them apart.

Boy, I sure wish I had a Finder. That would be nice.

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November 3, 2007

Leopard Upgrade Sucky Sucky

I tried upgrading Leopard on my G4 powerbook and now it's sorta dead. Well, I'm typing on it, but I never get a Finder. I can't get any system prefs to open. Keychain still works, but any prompt for security just appears to hang.

Whee. I guess I'll have to wipe and reimage from backup.

Update: If I launch the Finder manually from the Dock, it shows. It's like it gets stuck before the Login Items start, as my Desktop login item never loads. If I try to get to that pane in the Accounts pref pane, System Prefs stops drawing (Throws a cocoa exception). Something in there is horribly, horribly wrong.

Update2: I moved aside both plists for the login items (local and machine) and it didn't help. Something else is wrong. I can't get to the Displays pref pane at all. That locks up System Prefs entirely and it has to be force-quit.

It's also odd that leopard takes 6Gb of *additional* disk space than Tiger. That's a heck of a lot.

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