July 7, 2007

We've got bigger problems...

So, you know, maybe we should, like, you know, hold a concert to save, you know, what's becoming of our, like, language given the onslaught of, you know, reality television. The things that, like, come out of, you know, these people's mouths are just, you know, inane. Before, when people would, you know, say something silly or just flat out wrong, it would stay, you know, like, within their small group of friends, but now it's on, you know, national fucking television. It spreads. It spreads everywhere. People, you know, start copying it. So the longer we let it, you know, go on, the more we're doomed.

"There is an issue with her slowerness" (from Pirate Master)

So um, like, if people, you know, start saying "slowerness" from coast to coast, I'm going to, you know, build myself a nice little bunker in Utah.

Posted by pinkerton at 8:15 AM