May 31, 2007


Studio 60 is still enthralling, even though some of the storylines are sugary drool. I can't help but love anything Aaron Sorkin does.

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May 29, 2007

Off the Lot

I really want to like Fox's new show On the Lot. I want it to be Project Greenlight, which I love dearly. However, it's not. Where on PG you get to see the full movie making process, OTL just shows you some filmmakers and makes us, America, pick one based on some contrived criteria. I don't care about these people, regardless of how good they may be. I want to see the inner-workings of a real movie set. This show stops right at the money shot.

And, for the love of god, Gary Marshall, we get it that we need more women directors. We got it the first time you said it. We got it the 15th time you said it. We love the movies you've made. Really. Shut up.

The good news is that Hell's Kitchen starts again soon. God I love Gordon Ramsey. Can I be straight and still say that? I think I can.

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May 28, 2007

Goats for sale

I drove out to the Blueridge Mountains today, about 120 miles round trip. On my way back I saw a small roadsign that read "Goats For Sale". I bought 7 for Ben, I hope he likes them.

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May 26, 2007

It's Hard

Anyone can do anything if they hold the right cards
So I'm thinkin' about my life now, I'm thinkin' very hard.
Deal me another hand lord, this one's very hard to hold.
Deal me another hand lord, this one's so very hard.

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May 13, 2007


I'm sitting here at Google because the room in my hotel won't be ready for an hour or more. Nothing is open for lunch because it's still before noon on a Sunday. I've been awake since 1am PDT but I don't care because I'm in Cali this week. It's strangely quiet here, though there are a few other people around. And, of course, I can have Lucky Charms and Coke, the breakfast (or is it lunch according to my body?) of champions. (I do feel the need to clarify, because dmac thought I put the Coke *in* the Lucky Charms. They're a separate but equal part of this mis-balanced diet.)

Desmond is giving a talk this week here at the 'plex about his experiences last year with Summer of Code and I can't wait to see it. I got a sneak-peek a while back, which I really enjoyed, and I hope he puts on a similar show this time. I also hope he doesn't make fun of me too much, and since I'm here this week, I get to introduce him, which should be fun.

I'm also out giving a talk on Wednesday about Mac development at Google to folks at Lawrence Livermore Labs. Want to come? Too bad, I'm barely allowed to attend myself. The gyrations to get me (and my camera-enabled MacBook Pro) into the facility would make your head spin. Kudos to my host, he found a way to make it happen.

Oh, yeah, and I'm prolly going to be spending every other waking moment working. Sleep is for the weak and the old. Oh wait, frick, I *am* old. Perhaps a bit on the weak side too. Double frick.

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May 8, 2007


According to a recent survey, only 25% of whites want Barry Bonds to break the home run record. Count me in that group. He's not juiced now and still hitting homers like the fences are 200 feet away. Seriously, he's a great hitter. Get over it and root for him.

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May 4, 2007

Check Your Head

My AppleTv has allowed me to rediscover an old favorite tonight, the Beastie Boys' Check You Head. I first enjoyed this album coming back to Virginia from my freshman year of college (god, I'm that old), riding through Reston with Teak in his green Geo Metro with So What'cha Want blaring at full volume out the windows. We knew we weren't cool, it was ok. The music spoke for itself. We knew we were on to something, even if we didn't know why.

I then found myself enthralled with the album during my divorce; something inside the twenty tracks just spoke to me. Whether it was trying to psyche myself up to enter the bar scene or just enjoying the Morrison-esque chimes of Namaste, I seemed to always have it playing in my car. Maybe it built me up, maybe it was there when I put myself down. Either way, it's synonymous with that period of my life.

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May 1, 2007

Camino 1.5? Oh yes!

I wanted to let everyone know about a little change we've made recently to our version number for the next release. Camino 1.0 was a very long time ago (too long) and for those who have been using nightly builds for ages, it's easy to forget just how many features we've added for our next version:

  • spell checking with suggestions
  • single window mode
  • improved popup blocking
  • flash and plugin blocking
  • session saving
  • keychain interop with Safari
  • RSS feed detection
  • tab jumpback
  • resizable search field
  • custom profiles
  • ...and much much much more!

Whew! That's just off the top of my head too! When you stop and look at that list, it hardly seems like a small effort. Personally, I don't think calling it Camino 1.1 does it justice, it's more like a 1.5, so that's exactly what we've done. In the next week or two, we'll be releasing Release Candidates of Camino 1.5, with hopes of shipping the final version this month.

I think everyone will be impressed with the improvements we've made to the usability and usefulness of the product while maintaining the stability, speed, and web compatibility people have come to take for granted. I'm impressed by the team's efforts and I can't wait to get this in users' hands. Great job to everyone involved!

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