March 25, 2007

Must be in my other pants...

Have you ever stood at the register, frantically searching your wallet for your Safeway card, only to realize that you're at Albertsons? Me either.

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March 17, 2007


I'm disappointed about the amount of NCAA regional action in SD this year. I guess when CBS decides you get a particular game because it's an in-market team (such as Maryland for me), the only way they can ensure that I get that game is to send it in SD, even in their HD feed. With so many teams in the DC area being in the tournament, this means a lot of SD programming. Sigh. At least it's shaping up to be a great tournament.

I'm also having issues with my HR20, but only with the HD basketball on WUSA. It's something about when they send the CBS HD feed, it causes the reception to break up constantly (not motion artifacts, actual garbage on the screen). Doesn't happen when they're showing SD on the HD channel, doesn't happen during commercials, only happens when it's real HD. Sigh. It's probably *yet another* bug in the HR20 and MPEG4. I love being a beta tester. At least it's shaping up to be a great tournament ;)

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March 15, 2007

Swim seagull

Brain. Moving. Slowly. Almost at a crawl. 3:23 am, jesus wtf? I'm drunk emailing. Is that a sign that I'm 20 or that I'm 60? If I was 13 I could understand it. What excuse do I have now?

Drips. Very heavily. Behind. Sing blue silver. Que onda guero?

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March 14, 2007

Everything is alright

One of my favorite shows, Rockford Files, is a Mike Post theme. Get it?

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Summer Of Code, start your engines!

Today marks the day that Google Summer Of Code (SoC) starts accepting student applications. For those who are interested in contributing to Mozilla, they have a wiki where you submit your ideas. Desmond had a blast last year doing a Camino project, and we'd love to see a bunch more Camino submissions.

Remember, there's a sweet spot between being over-ambitious and too easy. If it would take me a day of hacking, it's not a good project. If it would take me 6 months of involved coding, it's probably also not a good project. I'd love to see someone sign up to the Tabspose, I've been wanting to do that for years and I think it could easily be done in a Summer.

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March 3, 2007

Pause or Play?

I recently switched out my basement satellite receiver for a DirecTv HR20-700 (the HD DVR) and I realized something that just wasn't right. It's got lots of features, some of them are even much nicer than the two TiVos I have upstairs. Then I sat for an hour in the dark with the remote.

With a TiVo, the most prominent button on the remote is the Pause button. With your eyes closed and seven martinis in you, you can easily find this button. With your head spinning and bladder full of, well, whatever your bladder is full of, you'll find the Pause button. The TV stops, and you're good to make your eighth.

But with the D* DVR, the most prominent button is the Play button. Where's the pause? Well, it's this tiny little button to the southwest of the Play button that maybe, just maybe, you might be able to find if you have 500W bulbs in all your room lamps.

Who's great idea was this!? Who gives a shit if you can hit play in the dark? By that time, you're already settled and have all the time in the universe to find the right button. In a pinch, you need to hit pause. Your bladder is screaming and you need to hit pause. Your cat just walked across your man region and you NEED TO PRESS PAUSE. Which button is that again? Oh right, it's this tiny button to the southwest.

Bad UI is bad UI. Come on, D*, think for like five seconds.

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