October 30, 2006

Ground Control to Major Hans

I was disappointed to walk out to my car Sunday morning and find the time hadn't updated for Daylight Saving Time. Mind you, this is a car with more computing power than most 3rd world countries. I expect it to "just work". Now I know what some of you are saying: DST isn't universal so how can it know that my area supports it? Well, Dr. Watson, the car has a fucking GPS. It knows *exactly* where I am. There's no guesswork involved.

Ok, maybe that's too 21st century for German engineers. How hard is it to put in a checkbox that I want DST support? I think my circa-1992 VCR had that option. This car lets me adjust the intensity of the heated seats across different ranges of my back. It can't handle DST for me automatically? I don't get it.

Perhaps I'll get my wish when I get working cupholders. Oh wait, Germans don't believe in those either...

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October 28, 2006

A secret message from my tongue!

There have been so many things I've wanted to blog about for the past few weeks and by the time I actually get some time to sit down and do it either I just don't feel like it or I've completely forgotten what I wanted to say. I'm good at forgetting things these days, and I'm also good at not feeling like doing them. I'm not sure if it's depression or a mid-life crisis but something is off-balance. Even still, there have been people sticking by me and the projects I manage. I don't know if that because of me, or about what I've been able to put in place, or if one has some effect on the other.

We released Camino 1.1a1 last week with little fanfare. While it really is just an alpha, it's another major milestone for us in the wake of Ff2 (which, btw, got even worse on the Mac). We added spellchecking, RSS detection, improved popup blocking (including the ability to show the blocked popup!), and many many other improvements. I've been running it and haven't had a single crash or major issue, which is pretty good for an alpha. The team has been doing great work, they deserve quite a bit of thanks and credit for stepping up where I've been lax. Stop by #camino and let them know.

What would a blog post be w/out a TV update? What's hot these days? I Pity The Fool, the Mr T reality show (that's right), left Amo and I on the floor laughing and teary. He's just so awesome, he should be on every channel. How I Met Your Mother continues to impress. I feel like they're writing it just for me. The New Adventures Of Old Christine has really stepped it up a notch this season and is an impressive display of writing, comedy, and delivery. Studio60 keeps rolling and is a great show, I still wish I hadn't seen it before. I'm still sucked into Grey's Anatomy, for reasons I'm unable to comprehend. I shouldn't know who McDreamy and McSteamy are, but I do.

Sorry Notre Dame, I've got one word for you. Overrated.

I'm still waiting on the right moments to write my Who concert blog post, am eagerly awaiting their new album, and voyeuristically enjoying Pete's blog. I'm sure when I do finally get around to blogging about it you'll scoff at my fanboy drooling and devotion, but you know I don't really care. It's so much a part of who I am that you can't have me without it.

Enjoying my new car (yes, it's still new, it only has 3k miles on it) even more now that I can turn off the A/C fulltime. This is my first car with seat-warmers and I can't imagine how I ever lived without them. Heaven. The driving is a thrill too. I bought new winter times and rims (sport tires don't do so well when the temp is below 40F or in the snow, and by "don't do so well" i mean turn into skis). Haven't put them on yet so they're stacked up in my garage looking formidable.

It continues to dishearten me when I see people bitch about Mac Ff2. If I could only make them see, but they always have a reason to not see. I guess we'll always be 1% of 5%, but at least as people buy more and more macs, that number continues to increase.

Maybe it's just that time of year again.

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October 14, 2006

Interesting to some, boring to most...

Hockey is back in gear, HDNet is showing games like always and they look spectacular. For those new to my blog, I'll mention that hockey is the sport that gains the most from a good HD treatment: you can watch full plays develop and you never lose sight of the puck.

I can't get enough college football. Not enough. Ever. Can't.

Camino 1.1a1 should be out early next week. We're having problems getting access to the mofo machines. It appears they switched authentication mechanisms without letting anyone know. I'm also really glad we (google) could steal smorgan away from Apple so that he can once again contribute to Camino. Everyone wins (except Apple)!

I'd like to point out that yahoo's new mail beta sucks donkey. I use yahoo mail for everything and I'm about to switch away. First off, the new beta doesn't recognize Camino. Ok fine, we're a niche browser, whatever. But it's slooooooooooow. Slow. Slow. Then the first page is news, not mail. I have to click something to actually see my inbox, in essence making it even slower. It also doesn't remember my sort order, always defaulting to the reverse of what I want. Oh, and it's slow as shit. Slow. Slow.

All this BlueRay/HD-DVD nonsense has me trying to figure out the various HDMI specs (1.1, 1.2, 1.2a, 1.3) and I'm not amused. I also just want to listen to Tommy on SACD without 6 cables, but finding an HDMI 1.2 pre/pro isn't easy.

The DVD of the Who concert I went to (the actual recording from that night) arrived yesterday. I will blog more about it soon, just waiting for the right moment.

DisneyWorld was a blast. We made the rounds of the Magic Kingdom in about 5 hours, even getting to go on Space Mountain twice. It's weird, all my memories of Disney are from Disneyland and being in Florida and seeing an exact replica of Disneyland was a little unsettling. Animal Kingdom was my 2nd favorite, and Everest is a bad-ass ride. I almost wet myself. Epcot was a little disappointing. Oh well.

Have I mentioned just how bad the new yahoo mail is?

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