August 31, 2006

Hey Ernie, it's college football time!

Ernesto bears down on Virginia, but I have no worries. We're expected to get 4 inches of rain over the next 24 hours or so. Of course, that means it won't rain a drop and I'll have to water my lawn yet again. If I'm wrong, I'll just go tubing my backyard.

There are two college football games tonight. Wahoooooooo.

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August 27, 2006

I can teach Apple a thing or two...

Amo's iBook G4 is *just* out of range of the battery recalls. Whew!

The odd thing is that all the tech notes tell you that to find the serial number on an iBook, you have to pry open the machine and look under the keyboard (ok, pry is exaggerating, but you get my drift). In reality, all you have to do is look in the System Profiler app; the serial number is listed on the main Hardware tab. I copied and pasted and it validated the serial number as an affected model, so I know it's correct. Why wouldn't Apple's detailed tech notes mention this very simple alternative?

College football starts this Thursday and my class at GWU starts in two weeks. Here comes Fall!!!!

Update: My class now has 8 students! Wooohoo!

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August 21, 2006

Long Hot Summer

Desmond finished up his SOC project for Camino today. I'm really impressed with the way he came in and was able to work with the community and the process to be productive and come up with a big step forward in our tab handling. I hope everyone enjoys his hard work, but it probably won't be in 1.1.

Speaking of 1.1, we've started having weekly meetings (organized by Sam) to make sure we stay on track and stay on top of bugs. It's a great move, even if I'm mostly useless at these meetings because I'm swamped with work. At least I'm trying really hard to stay on top of my SR duties, even if I do slip from time to time. It's great to see so much community involvement in this project. I hope we can get RSS in this week and we're doing a lot of polish.

I think we also decided that we'll do a 1.0.3 to pick up a bunch of security and bugfixes from recent Ff releases. Look for that soon, but not exactly sure when.

I'm so so so so glad that football has started, even if it's pre-season. College starts soon, I can't wait. Glad to see that Kornheiser is doing well on MNF, I really enjoy his (local) radio show and PTI.

My Tivo caught the pilot of the original Battlestar Galatica. Talk about cool.

It really needs to rain. I hate watering my lawn.

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August 11, 2006

What we need is...

I had lunch with a couple of the Adium guys today and we were talking about staying positive in the face of competition from Apple. They made the point that Apple doesn't seem to be taking the chat UI aspect of iChat seriously (even though they are taking the A/V side very seriously), and that Camino suffers from the fact that Apple is serious about Safari. Regardless, they seemed very positive about their project and how it was growing and the number of new developers they had coming onto the project.

It made me start thinking that we might want to start thinking about how to continue to get new blood onto the project. We had a bunch of new people come on after 1.0, but I think we really need more. One way to do that is to release something, which always draws interest to the project. We are making good headway on 1.1, but we still have a bunch of stuff to do before we can get there. Our triage team has been hard at work keeping the workload at a reasonable level for 1.1, now we just have to get there.

Another way is to make our developer webpages as good as possible and for it to be as simple as possible to contribute out of the box. We're already marking "easy" bugs in bugzilla so new developers can see what we're doing, but we continue to suffer from brain drain as people (including myself) get busy or get overwhelmed with the daily grind of the project. We really need ways to recruit and retain developers and triagers. The more we have, the easier it is for everyone involved. Having more bodies would certainly make me feel more energized about the project.

On the 1.1 front, I think the only major thing we're still waiting on is the RSS code. The rest we can probably punt to 1.2. We should also look at MoCo's schedule for FF2.0 and make sure we get the benefits of their QA eyeballs. On a lesser note, we need to fix some of the new popup blocking issues and get all that cleaned up (some kick-ass CoreAnimation luvin' would go a long way there....oh well).

On an unrelated note, I've had several run-ins this week with incredibly drunk people (what does that say about me?). Perhaps I wouldn't be so taken aback if I was more drunk myself. Then it would all seem perfectly normal. On a related note, Ben's coming up again and we're (again) going drinking. Good times.

The shower faucet is another candidate for a Design Award, but I'll save that for another night.

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August 10, 2006

Design "Awards"

In the tradition of the Apple Design Awards (which really just seem like "what app uses the most flashy new osx features in the most useless and over-the-top way" awards), I wanted to give the title of Most Confusing Bathroom Sink to my hotel room.

On the side of the spigot, there is a long vertical handle that rotates on an axis perpendicular with the ground (towards/away from me). When first approached, it's all the way up (at 90 degrees). Ok, you think, I'll just pull down (towards me) and the water will go on. Nope. Nothing. Repeat. Nothing. All the way up? Nope. All the way down? Nada. Am I using this wrong? It's a faucet, how can i not do this. Is there no water in the hotel? Did I miss a major earthquake?

And then magically, as if hit by some interstellar flash of wisdom, I push the lever to the side, parallel to the ground and WATER COMES OUT! If I wasn't so damn happy to be able to brush my teeth, I might have stopped and blogged about how totally fucking indecipherable this faucet is.

Someone came up to me yesterday at the conference and out of the blue shook my hand and thanked me for Camino. Then he walked away. My coworkers were a bit stunned, as was I. I guess this little project does manage to make some people, somewhere, happy. Of course as usual, everyone at the conference is running Safari. Why bother? The new stuff they're doing is only getting cooler and we're falling further behind. Sigh.

Maybe I just need a massage.

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August 7, 2006

California Dreamin'

I wish I worked on an app where i could use all the great things we see in Tiger and Leopard. Sigh.

I've been running recent camino branch builds and you know what? They're sorta crappy. When you go back, all the images reload from the server. WTF? Sometimes the entire browser content flashes white when it finishes loading. WTF? I also found a case where the new single-window-mode stuff breaks an internal Google website. Sigh. At least the spellcheck just works and doesn't crash.

My hotel is in the Tenderloin (gee, thanks Google travel...) which means that if you need a massage or a hooker, I can give you about 10-12 options to choose from. Sigh.

Update: whoops, for some reason my cache was wonky on this MBP and it just wasn't being used. Emptying the cache fixed it and now it's really fast again. Weird.

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