July 26, 2006

You Can't Make Me

I just don't care about baseball anymore. I enjoy watching Bonds hit another home run. I still enjoy listening to Jon Miller do the Giants games or snippets of Sunday Night Baseball. But honestly, the entire season could stop tommorow and I really wouldn't care. It's strange, I used to really like baseball. I'd sit and watch entire games back in college. It was relaxing and I felt connected to the game and the teams playing. Maybe it's just that my attention span has shrunk to that of a drunken goat. I wish I cared, but I don't, and nothing they do can make me.

I'm really excited about WWDC. Maybe I can talk Jinglepants into doing a movie night, or maybe we'll all just show up at his house, get him drunk (which should only take one beer) and then delete his presentation while he's lolling around on kitchen floor screaming for the monkeys to stop taking his clothes. Right about then we'll go to Denny's. Ahhh, good times.

It didn't take long, but Grey's Anatomy is becomming ER. I can't watch half of it, and the other half makes me want to cry. Can't they just make a goddamned hospital show without the patients!? Maybe if they did that, though, it'd be just as boring as baseball.

Been watching the 3rd season of Deadwood, after missing half of the 2nd season out of sheer boredom. This season is better, but it's has nowhere near the punch and grittiness of that magical first season. I understand it takes several seasons to get rolling sometimes, and it's too bad it started out so very strong. Can they ever live up to it? On the HBO front, Lucky Louie is really funny as well, and as much as I hate to admit it, Entourage is growing on me (not the email client, that's ass on a stick).

God i can't wait for football.

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July 19, 2006

It Gets Better

On a whim I tried TicketsNow.com and they had an incredible selection of Who tickets. I ended up buying a pair center stage, ROW TWO. TWO! Second row, center! Thankfully I could get out of my other tickets with only a small "penalty". Now I'm really stoked. I hope I don't get a piano dropped on my head. That would suck.

Here's the song I told you about a few days ago, now that .Mac is working again.

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July 17, 2006

Happy Hoff-Day

Today is David Hasselhoff's 54th bday. Iiiiiiiiiiii'm hooked on a feeeeeeeelin!

Grey's Anatomy has me hooked as we watch re-runs from the beginning. I could never (and I mean never) watch ER because it was always too heart-breaking. It's nice to see that GA isn't the same (the babies generally live, etc).

I have a new song I want to share, but I can't get to .Mac, the route to it is totally hosed for me. Maybe tomorrow.

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Even though it took some eBay lovin, I got Section 1, Row 12 seats for THE WHO in Philly in Sept. It's not on Pete's side, but ROW 12!!!!!!!!!

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July 10, 2006

Who knew?

Yesterday's post seems to have elicited the most responses of any of my recent posts. Thanks to everyone that pointed out the A/V cable and the details about the formats and resolution of videos from iTMS. My response seems to be about the same, however. If Apple is targeting portability and the 90% case (non-HD sets), iTMS video makes a lot of sense. For me, however, it makes very little. What a couple folks pointed out that I hadn't considered had to do with the time to market and price compared to DVDs. That makes sense, but I guess given the rate at which I allow myself to buy things (I agonize over purchases for months, if not years), by the time I push "buy" it'll prolly be out on DVD. I guess that's my own baggage :)

Seems strange to me that I got virtually no email about Camino 1.0, but a random post about iPod video gets comments. Who knew?

Watched the new seasons of both Reno 911 and The Chapelle Show. I didn't expect to be laughing, new seasons are sometimes hit or miss, but this time I was rolling on the floor. Kudos to the writers for keeping it fresh and keeping it real ;)

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July 9, 2006

What's the point?

I got to thinking that I should buy a season or two of The Office and Scrubs and that I might even try using the new video store on iTMS. However, with videos you download, you can only play them on the mac or the iPod. You can't burn them to a DVD or open them up in iDVD to create a DVD. So, um, what's the point? Why would I buy something inherently visible that I can only watch on a 2" screen? Sure, I rip my own DVDs to my iPod for those long hours on the plane, but I can also watch those on my big screen. I don't see why I'd ever purchase a video from iTMS. Am I missing something obvious?

I'm happy that Italy won the World Cup. Let me re-phrase that. I'm glad France didn't win. Great head-butt there, Zidane. I should try that the next time a co-worker pisses me off. "Pink, I'm not sure I agree with this design, it....aaaaaaaauuggggghhhh!" That's right. Sha-zam.

If you haven't discovered the Sleuth network (it's something like channel 308 on DirecTV), you're missing out: Rockford Files, Magnum PI, Miami Vice and (yay!!!!) Homicide: Life On the Streets. Homicide is simply an amazing show.

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