June 30, 2005

Better pink

I should just delete that last post. Unless you really know me, there's no reason why you'd find it humorous at all. But hey, I wrote it, so i guess I'll keep it.

Amo's iBook seems better after a wipe and clean re-install of the OS. Pity I had to waste time at the genius bar for that, but hey, I got to sit in an apple store for an hour. Almost makes me wish i worked there. Almost.

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June 29, 2005

Bitter Pink

A coworker wondered when I was going to get my game on with the Podcasting scene. He asked me when he was going to hear "bitter pink" on iTunes. Hrmmm, well I guess I could start doing these in audio form. Can't be that hard, can it?

Perhaps the better question is why everyone assumes I'm bitter. Oh wait...I am. For the bitterest pill is hard to swallow. Two points to who can tell me who sang that w/out using Google. Yadda yadda yadda.

I went to the Apple store at Tyson's Corner today to inquire why Amo's iBook was kernel-panic'ing every time she woke it from sleep. Instead of receiving the worship that the Kiwi received when brining jinglepants' G5 to the Apple store in San Jose, I was treated to a lecture on why I should repair permissions every 30 days and why updating the OS w/out doing a clean install was a 'bad thing'. Gee, I guess owning Macs for 20 years, having four in my cube at work, and four at home qualified me for a lecture on how to take care of them.

See, if i just let it go, then I'm not bitter. Then I'm not interesting. Then why would anyone read this? Oh wait, Camino. Isn't that a Firefox knock-off?

If only you could hear my voice....

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June 27, 2005

It's Brisk Baby!

We continue to convert new users every day. This was even picked up by the San Jose Mercury News. Go team! Keep up the good work!

"Camino is Firefox done right for Mac"


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June 20, 2005

Camino 0.9 alpha 1 is live!

We just released the first alpha version of Camino 0.9. We know it's not perfect and we already have a bunch of fixes in the pipleline for a second alpha, but we believe it's enough of a solid improvment over 0.8.4 that you should give it a spin and let us know what you think.

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June 16, 2005

Trust me this time...

I know I've been droning on like a broken record about Camino 0.9a1. This time I think we got it. Today's build has two important fixes: one for serious repaint issues during page loads that looked like the page was "tearing", the other for a Mozilla bug that truncated <textarea> form submissions at 4096 characters. These were the two major issues holding us up from declaring alpha1, but now we're good to go.

For those using the nightlies, pull down 2005061608 and run it though its paces over the weekend. We will use this build, or one close to it, for an official alpha1 on Monday, June 20.

It's time we gave the world a taste of what we've been doing for the past year.

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June 10, 2005

Netherland Pics

For your viewing enjoyment, pictures of my trip (with commentary).

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Mmmmm pancakes

Still trying to get settled after being gone for a week. I think I had to slog through about 800 emails at work, and yesterday narrowly averted a major plumbing incident at home (thankfully I was home).

The Netherlands was a lot of fun, I should have my pics up shortly. Here's a few things I noticed:

  • Unlike the US, most places don't take credit cards, not even grocery stores or train stations. If they do, they generally have a minimum purchase amount. For those unaware, this is a violation of their merchant agreement with Visa and is not allowed under any circumstances. I don't tolerate this in the US, but wasn't sure if international merchants had the same agreement (I checked, they do). Thank god my ATM card worked so we could get cash. Sigh.
  • Most BMWs you see are de-badged so you can't tell what they are. Odd.
  • If you stare blankly at someone long enough, they'll start talking to you in English
  • There are no overweight people in the Netherlands. I may have been the fattest person in Amsterdam.
  • I think "Space Coffee" should be renamed "Space Rip-off".
  • The blumenmarket (Flower Market) is filled with two stalls of flowers, and 20 stalls of kitchy tourist crap.
  • If you're a football (soccer) fan, Europe is for you.
  • Seeing naked people on TV isn't all that erotic if you can't tell what on earth they're talking about.
  • The food service, in Amsterdam at least, was pretty lousy. Maybe it was because we were American tourists, but still. Don't you want me to come back?
  • Two big thumbs up for inexpensive (and clean) public transportation.

Missing the keynote at WWDC was disappointing, but everyone tells me that the rest of the sessions aren't really all that. I watched the keynote and it would have been nice to be there in person for the reaction, but maybe it's better to be distanced from the distortion field.

I see where Apple is going, and why, but as a developer and a customer, I know the next two years are going to be painful. While this isn't the 68k->PPC transition, it's pretty close. It's going to be very confusing for customers. Why doesn't the app I just downloaded work? Oh, it's only built for [PPC or Intel], so sorry. A universal Camino would be HUGE. This has got to hurt Apple's stock as well. I was going to buy a dual 2.7 GHz G5 tower, but now why should I bother? It'll be an obsolete platform in less than 2 years. I guess I'll just keep that $4k and spend it elsewhere while I wait. I can only wonder who else is doing the same?

On the Camino front, obviously 0.9a1 isn't out yet. I was sorta hoping that we'd get some of these redraw issues fixed first, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Perhaps at the start of next week we'll declare one of the nightlies as alpha. I still need to finish the new 0.9 release notes.

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