April 28, 2005

084, and Tigers, and bugs, Oh my!

0.8.4 was released today to address some security issues, crashing issues, Tiger compatibility, and improve the behavior of long tooltips. Both the multi-language and English versions can be downloaded from www.caminobrowser.org.

I installed Tiger tonight, only to find that it reset my default browser to something else. You get one guess at what it was set to. It reproduced on my girlfriend's iBook too. I'm not crazy. Also, we discovered a very interesting OS bug in Safari by running Camino. The conversation with hyatt went like this:

Me: Dang, something in Tiger broke some Camino favicons.
Hyatt: Really? How do you know?
Me: Well if you download the favicon and look at it in Preview, it no longer works. We filed the bug on NSImage.
Hyatt: We still use NSImage for favicons in Safari. What's a url?
Me: www.yahoo.com
Hyatt: OMG, you're right. This doesn't work in Safari either.

So when you see 10.4.1 to fix favicons in Safari, you'll know why. It's radar 4102776 :)

Posted by pinkerton at 10:19 PM

April 26, 2005

084 Is Coming

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we've resolved the final issue regarding Tiger compatibility and will be spinning the 084 bits tomorrow morning. Hopefully that will go well and then we can get the multi-lang version ready to go along with it. The plan is to release Thursday.

I'd also like to pass along one tidbit of information to everyone: this millenium began January 1, 2001. Not one second sooner. The year 2000 was not part of this millenium. Trust me. I'm amazed how many people just don't know, but now you do, so go tell all your friends. There will be a quiz later.

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April 24, 2005

Always Show Tab Bar

I finally added the pref for keeping the tab bar displayed all the time, even when there's just one tab in it. That should make a bunch of people happy. Unfortunately, I also had to back out my patch for history in the Go menu. It seems that too many people who run the nightlies like to crank up their histories and it was dragging. It was fast enough for me, but I guess my sample size was too small. Oh well. It's a start.

Posted by pinkerton at 10:43 AM

April 21, 2005

Where do you want to Go today?

Thanks to Matt for pointing out the workaround for my Rez troubles (trashing a hidden global pref file). I went on a coding binge tonight and fixed 3 or 4 Camino bugs, the first bugs I've fixed in a long time on my own (not just landing someone else's patches).

I also got so fed up I wrote (and landed) a patch for history in the Go menu, just like every other modern browser. The implementation is brain dead and does no caching, but seems fast enough at first look. I may have to rewrite the whole thing, but it's a start. Let's see how well it fares in the field before we optimize it to death. I have about 1000 items in my history and it comes up instantaneously.

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April 19, 2005


So I finally get some time to work on Camino and I can't build. At all. It pegs my cpu for 10 minutes building a simple rez file on my laptop. Is that a bad sign if the project lead can't build his own project?

Posted by pinkerton at 8:03 PM

Blurry Eyes

Apologies to anyone who's asked me for a code review in the last, oh, month. I just spent the last two days going through 700 (yes, seven hundred) bugmails that have been piling up due to my eye problems (anyone else see the problem here?). I'll go through my review queue next, and maybe even start taking a look at some of the smaller crasher bugs. We (read: I) need to start taking 0.9 more seriously. The good news is that I've concluded that out of all 700 reports, Camino really only has about five different bugs. All the others are just dupes of those five.

The 0.8.4 candidate is up on the ftp site (in the nightly section), give it a spin for any serious regressions. It has one topcrasher fix and a security fix. We should hopefully have a release by the end of the week. Mainly we're waiting on the l10n effort so we can roll everything out at the same time.

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April 14, 2005

Doctor Robert

Well it appears that everything is normal and I'm in good health. That's a relief. I still wish i could explain the blurry vision and inability to use a computer. At least all that has mostly passed. *shrug*

Back to whining about other things in my life, I guess.

Looking to do Camino 084 with some good fixes early next week, or at least spin a candidate build early next week for the l10n team.

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April 11, 2005

Hope I Die Before I Get...

...my old-man glasses. Alas, now I have them. We'll see how well they work. My headaches have been better of late, but the bright afternoon sunlight still gives me fits. My neurologist appt is this week, hopefully it will rule out the scariest possibilites. My MRI confirms that I do, indeed, have a brain, though TVL wondered what the magnification level was...

We're still waiting on mozilla for 084, and we're picking up a couple other fixes as well, including a top crasher when scrolling from Simon. The Mozilla Wiki shows they'll be branching for Firefox 1.1 in the June timeframe, I imagine our 0.9 release plans will follow that branch.

I can't wait for Logic 7.1. The ability to easily change the order of plugins is worth the price of admission alone.

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April 4, 2005

My Future's So Bright...

Well I've found that if i wear sunglasses at work, I can actually sit at a computer for as long as I need to (assuming frequent breaks). I look like a fool walking through the halls, but that's good news at least. MRI and EEG this week, keep your fingers crossed.

We may be spinning 084 real-soon-now to pick up a fix for a security hole in the JavaScript engine. Stay tuned.

Posted by pinkerton at 4:13 PM